Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost A New Year

Hope all my readers had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I was sitting here this morning thinking about all the things I want to do with 2011 and the changes I need to make in my life. This time of year always makes us reflect on how we are and if we are doing all we can do with our lifes. I can sit here and say , I am not doing anything. I really want to change a few things this year so I wanted to post them here and see how I do with not letting my self down this year and really doing something for me.
1. Weight Watchers to loss 50 lbs.
2. Charity work of some kind
3. Take a well deserved vacation some were new
4. Be a happier person on a daily bases.
I know my list is not long but I think it is a really good start and are some key points I need to work on in my life. I hope to blog more and really take advantage of my new Ipad, and laptop. There are to many ways to blog to sit here and not do it, lol..
I am still thinking of doing some videos on this blog or my weight loss blog. I had thought I would put them on youtube but not to sure yet, I need to play around with it first and see how I like it.
I sold my first item ever on Ebay on monday. I sold my Blackberry 9700 Smile The more it sat here I realized I would never use it again and I really could use the money. It was listed for like less than 10 minutes when I sold it,lol.. Makes me wish I had a ton more to sale,lol. So I just have the bb 9000 and the 9780. I can not part with my 9000 to save my life so it will stay with me.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and save new years Smile see you in 2011 all..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Is Over!

So I have not posted pictures or talked much about Christmas here this year. Me and Don were not in the holiday spirit at all. We bought 3 pc games the little one wanted and got her a couple shirts and a nice gold and silver necklace. Then I made enchiladas for dinner and we watched 80's movies for 2 days straight , lol. Cheyanne said she felt ripped off because it didn't seem like Christmas to her because we didn't drink hot chocolate and see family.. That mad me mad, because then I just wanted to take back her gifts and say fuck it. I don't need my child to try and make us feel guilty because we wanted to relax and stay home with no drama and a ton of driving all over. Next year we may take a cruise to Alaska and forget Christmas all together. I don't enjoy the holiday anymore because it's always about gifts and spending money which I won't do. We spent like 130.00 on her gifts this year and she didn't even say thank you. You can say I have a bad attitude about it , but it is the truth. I never saw or heard from my 2 boys so I guess they had a good Christmas? I'm just glad it's all over. Hope everyone else had a good time with family and friends.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I plan on doing soon

Well I have pretty much been spending my day loading apps on my iPad of weight watchers. I will be paying for my subscription this week and doing this weight loss once and for all. I have been reading about the new points plus Plan and it seems like something I can do. Innate to loss weight because it is making a hem it. I don't want to leave the house and I don't talk to anyone . There are weeks that I don't leave the house and when I do, it's to go grocery shopping and back home. I have no friends and no social life besides Don of coarse. He has agreed to join a gym with me so we both can get back in shape before it's to late. He has no weight to lose, just Build muscle. I think that when the fat keeps you from living life then it's time to tell it good bye!!!! So mine will be history soon. I hope by summer I will in shape to wear shorts again. I wore pants all last summer and it sucked. Im hoping that with my iPad I will keep track of all my food and points, I will just have to carry it with me every were I go . I do have a itouch but there is no Internet, just wi-fi . Then there is my blackberry and it never leaves my side so I should have everything covered to success. I will keep a separate blog for my weight journey so I am getting that all worked out right now, I will post the link when I get it all set up. Wish me luck

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New blog Program on Ipad

I found a blogging app finally that is free for the iPad. It's called Monarch and I'm going to use it foe a couple days and see how I like it. It seems that most of the blogging apps are paid and at a not so cheap price. I'm on a budget so paying 9.99 for one app is crazy right now. Check out the app and see how you like it and let me know.

Monday, December 13, 2010

What I Want For Christmas This Year

Well I should not be looking at websites at this time of morning, but here I am looking the UGG site.. I have wanted a pair of these boots for a couple years but have a hard time throwing down the money for them since Superman doesn’t understand my shoe need.

Maybe I should keep my list simple this year. It seems every year that the holidays roll around the money is short and there is enough just to get the child taken care of for the holidays. Since I am only working part time, it seems this is true this year also. I mean Christmas really is not about the presents, its about being together , right? I dread the holidays every year because there is the pressure to buy and we all know I don’t need help in that area at all.

I am hoping we have another white Christmas like last year, but there is no signs yet here in Oklahoma.. Be nice if we could run away to Reno, Navada or some were its going to snow. It like I would not want to go to Hawaii for Christmas at all.. doesn’t seem right..

Guess I should get off here and start my day. Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Blackberry 9780 Is Here

Yesterday I woke up around 930am and went straight to the front porch and there was a box from Tmobile waiting for me  ,you guessed it, its was my new white 9780. It is so much better than my 9700 that I’m glad I switched phones. The new OS6.0 is amazing and fast, not to mention the great 5.0 pixal camera. It did come loaded with twitter and facebook so at least I didn’t have to load those on there. It took me most of the day loading and tweaking everything to get the phone the way I wanted, but its perfect now.
 Here is my BB 9000 on the far left, my BB 9700 and the new White BB 9780
                                        Pink Otter Box is amazing fit and feel

                                         Look how she shines :) Makes me so happy
Today I received the Pink Awareness Otter Box in the mail for the 9780 also, which looks stunning. I have to say the phone and the case have made me very , very happy. There seems to be a better typing feel to the 9780 also. I read on Crackberry that there was no changes made to the keyboard from the 9700 to the 9780, but I have to say they did . Because it doesn’t hurt my hands to type and its more fluid. I had a really hard time typing on my 9700, but the 9780 is great. Can’t tell you what the difference is but its there. Now I will shut up and let you look over my pictures .

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tmobile At It Again

I posted the other day how excited I was to be getting a new 9780 blackberry from Tmobile after all the issues I have had with my 9700. Well today I got a text saying that there were changes made to my plan , so I jumped on the phone and called customer service. I was told that my data plan had gone from 19.99 to 30.00 because I had a blackberry coming!!! well, let me tell you I went off on the little girl on the phone and she didn’t even want to talk to me at that point, so her manager changed it for me. She said it would take up to 24 to 48 hours for the changes to take place. They are unbelievable, how dare you change my data plan without asking me … I mean it’s the only reason I stay with them in the first place, everywere else wants 30.00 a month for data on a bb. I am hoping by tomorrow it is changed or I’m going to have a cow about it. These cellphone providers have lost their minds when it comes to all these charges on crap. We have to have our phones and most of us have to have data on them, I mean I use mine for everything and then some most days.  I tell you, we may be changing cellphone providers in the next year if they don’t change something.. ugh.. I’ll shut up now, lol..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Something Goes My Way

Today is my day off so I of coarse slept pretty late then decided to drink coffee and check twitter and emails on my bb. Checking these on my 9000 because I got so fed up with my 9700 yesterday that I switched the SIM card to the 9000. Well I decided this morning I was going to call Tmobile and let them know how unhappy I am with the service I get on the 9700, I mean if you cant get text and emails half the time whats the point in having a blackberry? So I called and was told they would be more than happy to send me another 9700 which I already knew was not going to work because they have already done that and I will have issues. Then on top of this they have taken away the free tethering and the unlimited UMA calling!! I asked what was the point of being with them if they were just like all the other carriers? So I asked how  much my cancellation fee was and he responded with 200.00 each line. Then all the sudden he ask me to hold and this nice lady named Teresa came on and said she would send me the new 9780 blackberry at no cost and that I could keep  my 9700! Talk about shock, I mean she bent backwards for me and I didn’t even ask for any of this. So she let me pick the color of the phone which I picked white and she is sending me a promo item they are just testing for better cellphone signal in your home for free also!!! So right now I am pretty dang happy with T-mobile helping me get better cell service. I am thinking there was really something wrong with the 9700 because the 9780 came out so fast and the 9700 is not even on Tmobile website anymore. I really hope this fixes my issues with not getting my text and emails. The phone and tower should be here next week, I will be posting pics of my new pretty white phone. Hard to believe after 5 years with Tmobile I finally didn’t have to pay out the butt for a new phone Smile

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Checking to se if Windows Live Writer will post to my blog yet. I have been messing around with it trying to make it work. Not sure what the problem is but I think it is blogger.. not happy with them right now at all.

Windows Live Writer

I’m trying out some new typing fonts because I am really bored with the ones I have been using for the blog. Its seems like when I was blogging with Yahoo 360 they always had great fonts, it’s a shame that is not around anymore. Speaking of blogs, Blogger has really been giving me issues with my site. Everytime I try and change the wallpaper or theme it gives me a error code and I try and download a theme it looks all crazy. I got so feed up that I was going to switch over to Wordpress but after downloading the program it was to much work to do all the crap they wanted to import this blog. I even thought about using Tumbler but they don’t have a import option yet. Its very frustrating really, even trying to post from Window's Liver Writer was not working . I would push the Publish button and it would give me some weird error. There is nothing worse than sitting down and writing all your minds jargon then when you are ready it won’t post. Not sure why all these problems started but it really made me thing maybe I am one of those people that needs 2 blogs, 1 for knitting and the other personal stuff. Well in my case it would be 3 blogs because I already have 2 because of my weight loss blog.. Boy that seems like a lot of work, maybe I better think about this one a little more. Right now I have to work out the issues with this blog because I miss all my personal items on the blog. So hard trying to make it personable when I can’t put all my personal touches on the blog.
On a good note , my internet people came out today and fixed by internet speeds. I was having bad lag and they were able to put some wires in and I am up and running fast as ever now. I have missed 3 days of work because of all this, so tonight it is back at it.. not a good time to be missing work since I just started this job less than a month ago. horrible really.
We have not put up the Christmas tree yet because I want to wait till Dec 1st. The day after Thanksgiving is way to early for me and I just can’t wrap my head around that its even that time of year again. As far as buying presents, that has not happened yet either. I hate the thought of going out into the stores to fight the crowds for a couple things but we will have to do it soon or try and buy online. Buying online this time of year can be kinda scary since you have to wait for it to be mailed , so you never know if it will make it.
Well, I am down with a massive sinus headache today so I will go lay down for a bit before going to work tonight. Hope everyone has a great day Smile

Friday, November 26, 2010

What I am Reading

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had enough room in their freg for all the left overs. I did really well just cooking for 3 people and we really didn’t have that much left over, which makes me very happy. We had a nice little dinner and then I went to work, not a bad day at all.
So I was looking around on my Ipad in Barns & Noble and saw this book called Casting Spells by Barbara  Bretton that looked to good to pass up. Its about a knitting shop and witches, shapeshifters and all kinds of weird stuff. I just can’t seem to get enough of the books about knitting shops. It would be a dream to have a knitting shop in a small town were you knew all your customers by first name and had them over for Christmas dinner. I have only read 17 pages and already I’m in love with the book. I only put it down because I had to charge my Nook. I guess I could read it on my Ipad but I don’t want to get a headache. Its good for little periods of reading but not for hours

I would love to hear what everyone else is reading . I make it a point to always be reading something, or I feel like I’m not taking advantage of all the books in the world. If you really think about how many people in different country's in a long ago time that did not have the freedom to read a book of their chose. Can you image a dictator banning what you read!!!! I am very proud to live in a country were we can do as we please , within the limits of the law of coarse.
I am off tomorrow so I am hoping to getting around to fixing the sock I am knitting on. I am working on the cuff and the dang thing is way to big for my foot. I have been trying it on this whole time of knitting on it and thought it was ok, but now I have like a inch I need to take off the toe .. So very sad, but I like a snug fit so I will rip it out tomorrow and start again .
Not a to exciting post but Christmas is coming so there will be more pics when we get our tree up and the cats start fighting over it, lol. Have a great night all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Not Happy Right Now

I have been in Training for this At home job since Nov 1st, Today is our official on the phone day and I can't get on. I had all my programs pulled up and went to sign into the phone system they use and nothing! then I started getting all this error messages. I had called my home phone  provider today because yesterday my work IT team said it was nothing on there side but my internet provider. So I called my internet provider and they confirmed that there is a bad lag in my system and they have to come out and look at it. Well, this made me not very happy because I have to work… Then she tells me they can’t come out till next Tuesday!!!!!!! really, I am going to loss my damn job over this crap..I am so frustrated that I can’t see straight. My supervisor is going to call me tonight so I can tell her what it going on. there is nothing I can do about it,but keep trying to log on and see what happens. Even when I do get everything up and running I start freezing up right in the middle of a call or transaction and then have to try and transferee my customer to someone else.I hope tomorrow goes better because I can’t take much more of this. I thought working from home was going to make my life have less stress.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are doing a small dinner with the 3 of us, then I have to try and work at 5pm..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No title

I'm sitting with a massage headache and feel like I'm getting sick. Cheyanne came home early yesterday from school feeling very sick and she has been running a fever. We have kept her I. Her room and the Lysol can has been used a lot ! But I think some of the germs have made there way to me and the hubby's. Let's just hope that we can make it threw thanksgiving .

I have been playing around today with my iPad since doing the update yesterday and the only thing I see I don't like is when I went to type this email it would not go in landscape mode! And the screen lock is now to mute the sound!!! Maybe tomorrow when I have more time I can do so e research and see if I can change the landscape mode.

The nook update is fantastic to say the least. The page turn is so fast now, there is no lag or delay. The other improvements of the book shelf is great also. I have not noticed any difference with the web browser but I don't use it that much anyway.

I really did enjoy my day today before feeling like a Mac truck hit me. Hope tomorrow will be a good day and I hope to feel better. Have to grocery shopping for thanksgiving tomorrow and clean the house . Wise me luck

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My Day

Ipad,Nook, Socking knitting and coffee not shown. This is my day until 5pm when I go to work. I love my life
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Monday, November 22, 2010

iPad and Nook updates

Today was a big day for soft wear updates ladies and gents. I downloaded my iPad 4.2 os today and the Nook update tonight, which I have been waiting for way to long on the nook. I love having the folders on my iPad so all my apps are not all over the place. My nook is still downloading so I will do a review of it tomorrow after I have used it tonight . Go download your updates :)
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Test from Ipad

I'm trying to post to my blog from my iPad. I have been searching on iTunes for a blogger app for my iPad and I'm not having any luck at all. So I thought I would just use the same method as my blackberry and this may be the easiest way to do this. I know a lot of people don't like blogger but I really stay with the because I just use a email address to post my blog post and I'm done no extra soft wear to my blackberry and iPad. Not a lot of people know about this feature and I could not live without it because it is so easy. What app do you use to write blog post? What do find works for you? Let me hear from you because I love hearing heat you like.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Not a good day

I woke up this afternoon so tired and just didn’t want to do today. My day progressed into knitting and listening to podcast because I just could not manage to do anything else today with the last week events with my brother. He made it thru the amputation of his leg but is having another surgery tomorrow, for unknown reasons to me at this time. I just can’t believe that he is having to go thru all of this due to a fall off a ladder and his diabetes. It just goes to show you that taking care of our bodies should be on the top of our list of things to do. He will be going into a nursing home after he gets out of the hospital because he will need the 100% care his wife can not give him due to her own disability's . I have not talked to my mom much thru all this because I don’t know if she really wants to talk about it. I think that this has really made me see that we really along in this world with our feelings and trying to convey them to someone else is extremely hard. I am very thankful that I have the most loving man in my life that would do anything for me and is my rock. I thank God for him every day because without him I would be really lost in this world. My mood today has been horrible to say the least. I’m mad and sad all at the same time and just want to shut the world out! it always amazes me that people always want you around when your world is perfect, but the first sign that you are a little upset they are no were to be found because they don’t want to say “Im sorry” or “I’m here for you”>> the world has forgotten how to CARE about another human being. Its all about take and ME syndrome.. I have decided that I am going to do some work on giving more! I think our biggest and greatest works for man kind of done unspoken for … Its my mission to let God lead me in the path that I belong. I can not fight the whole world on my own. There has to be a place were I can just breath.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Such A Hard Day

Normally I don’t like putting my family's business out on my blog but I feel the need to talk about this some how to be able to get it off my chest. My oldest brother fell of a ladder last week and broke his left left so badly that he has had 4 surgery's on it since. I got a phone call from my sister today saying my brother was losing the leg and the doctor's were amputating it today! I am so sad and just unsettled by the whole ordeal that I can’t even but it into words. First off I have not heard a word from anyone since last week when he fell, so I thought he was fine. Then I learn today that he has had 4 operations and never left the hospital.. Now he is losing his leg. We have never really been close since there is such a age difference but I still hurt for him and just hope to God that he makes it out of surgery. To tell you the truth me and my sister are worried that he won’t make it after the surgery because he will be so depressed that he won’t be able to deal with it. He has to go into a nursing home after the surgery because his wife can’t take care of him because she is disable.. Its just one big cluster fuck and to tell you the truth I am so happy I have this blog to write it all down on , or I might just lose my mind with it all. I am going to try and keep my self busy with knitting and reading today and see if that will relax me. I thought about a couple drinks but that might just make me cry more and I sure don’t want that. On a good note my other brother who lost his arm at the age of 18 in Vietnam is driving 2 states away to be with our oldest brother to be with him after the surgery and to help him thru some of the symptom's he will be having after the surgery.I wish I could go be with him, but there is no way I can at this point. I feel so helpless and useless. I just have to remember that he will have a good support system around him . If you believe in God I ask that you say a prayer for him, please.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Make Tunisian Crochet Blanket

So before I started knitting 4 years ago I was really into crochet but had this problem of not being able to read those patterns all that well. I went onto a couple craft boards and learned about Tunisian Crochet and all the pretty blankets you could make with it. Needless to say I am a visual learner and there were no videos to show me how to do this stitch. I never did try to make a Tunisian blanket because i just could not understand the instructions , so hence I learned to knit and I have been happy ever since. Today I was on blog and saw she had a video demo of how to do the Tunisian crochet stitch!!! talk about excited, I have all this acrylic yarn in my craft room just waiting to be used up on a blanket for the family room. has a lot of great knitting videos so check it her site for your self. It is always great to find a blog or website that gives useful information we can use in or craft world.

I am still knitting on my Treads gloves and started a Sock for my self out of Happy Feet yarn in fall colors. I will post pictures later today, just don’t have the camera with me right now. I have a blanket i started last year I need to finish but it is so big and heavy that it kills my carpal tunnel in  my hand.. Its a shame really because it is so pretty and is for my best friend from high school that has been threw breast cancer. Its one of those things I really need to get to work on and stop putting it off.  I guess I have been really busy reading a lot these days since getting my Nook. I am reading I Am Ozzy which is about Ozzy Osburns life. Man did he ever just do  some really crazy and stupid stuff with his life, the book has kept me laughing the whole time I have been reading it. He is talented in the fact  that he  brought himself and his friends  out of poverty and made a living doing something they love. I never knew that Ozzy was so poor as a child and that he suffered from dyslexia and ADD. He never finished school because he could not pass his classes . Back in the 60’s they had no clue what dyslexia was , so he dropped out of school and started working in factors doing horrible jobs!!!! The book is very eye opening and insightful . When I finish this book I will start on Heroin Diaries about Nixxi Sixx from Montly Crue. If you wonder why I am reading this books its because I am tired of readying psychology thrillers / murder  , Vampire books or love stories. So a good tell all book makes me happy.

What are you guys reading ? Love to share a good book or great food Recipe.. Let me hear from you guys… Talk to you soon Robin

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well it seems I have forgotten how to send a blog post from my blackberry. I send photos to my blog from my BB, but I have not done a post this way in a while, so this is a test and only a test.
Today I found a fab program on my computer thanks to a fellow blogger that I can write my post from instead of having to log into blogger every time.( See previous post). I love finding new ways to blog and I was think since I got my Ipad last week it would be a perfect way to blog. Well, I am old fashioned and like a keyboard to type on while I write. So the ipad is out of the question and in with the blackberry and laptop for all my posts. My electronics seems to over take my life and from day to day I don't know which one to play with first. Don't get me wrong I love all my toys but sometimes its hard to decide which one I need more. My blackberry is a must because it does everything I need it to and its very portable. I also have a new Nook for reading books but with getting the Ipad I have to decide which to use. My Nook is fab for reading all my books and not causing eye strain or headaches because of the E-ink Technology. Then there is my Itouch ... The list goes on and on, lol.. I seems to have more electronics than I really need? Maybe.
How many electronics do you have ??? Do you use them all? Love to hear from my readers so please comment and let me hear about your toys..
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Thank you Missie @ What Comes Next

So I was reading my blogs today and I went to one of my favorites   She mentioned that she used Windows Live Writer to write her blog post. A little bell goes off in my head and I realized I had no clue what Windows Live Writer is!! I have had this laptop for about 4 months and have no clue what all the stuff is on it,lol. I know it can do so much more than what I use it for,but I really have not taken the time to figure it all out. So I wanted to pass on the information to my readers in case you are a blogger and need a new toy to play with :) It was very easy to set up and it was already installed on my computer. If you try it out, let me know how you like it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Typing slant

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Stands up to watch movies

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Back of Ipad case

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Front of Ipad case

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My black case

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Friday, October 29, 2010

My B-day

Don't judge me on the no makeup look please!  Ugh, I know I look horrible.  I just wanted to show my pretty new Apple Ipad 64G with Wi-Fi and 3G from my wonderful superman. He is the best at getting me everything I always won't . You can see in the pictures below that he got me a great purple case and screen protector but I think I will get a full cover case to really protect it when I am out and about.

My B-Day Present

Its My Birthday Today

Girly Comments & Graphics

No way I'm I saying how old I am but I'm going to enjoy my day and my family ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Make a Fourcette For Gloves

So In the last post I talked about making the Treads gloves, free pattern from Raverly and the pattern said I had to make Foutchette which I had no idea what they were or were to find out how to make them. Here is what I have put together of the information I thought was great. 
So now were have this thread explaining how to do a fouchette for gloves here. link

  You can see a video of the backwards loop here, if you scroll down on this page you will see a video for a Single Cast On which is the Backwards loop, no sound to this video.

So for people like me that don't know what a Fourchette is its  the backwards loops  cast on you make  in between your gloves fingers. If you did not have these fourchette (backwards cast on )  then there would be no wiggle room to move your fingers in your glove fingers. I hope this helps someone out there because I had a hell of a time finding all this information for my self.

Here is a update just from this morning. Over at she posted a video of how to do a backwards loop cast on 

So what we have learned here today is that a Fourchette are Backwards loop cast on that make extra stitches in between your fingers for gloves :) I am posting all this because just 3 days ago when I went to look for this information all I had to go on was the top link for the livejournal were the group was talking about how to do this, and it took a while to read it all and understand it at the same time! So I really hope that when the next person does a Google search it will lead them here :)  and they will say thank you for the insight . Happy Knitting all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life Goes On

Well I am keeping my fingers crossed that I start training for a customer Service job at home Nov 1. I did my drug test, back ground check and all that good stuff so i am hoping all is well and I can start. We are looking forward to Halloween since its  a great holiday and I'm a little nervous about bills until I get a pay check the middle of Nov or the end of Nov . I'm looking forward to working at home but the hours are late nights so I guess I need to change my sleeping habits alot, no more getting up at 4am and going to bed by 9pm.
On the knitting front I have decided to make a simple scarf for my self out of black and pink. All my scarfs are crazy colors that I have to match with a shirt so I need something I can wear all the time :) I really was going to go all black , but I found this great hot pink and went with it. I will have to let you know how that goes. I am still working on my Treads gloves and I managed to get one finger done and I need to move on to the next 4 so I can start on the next glove already. I had a bit of a problem figuring out what a fourchette was. Never heard of it and never done it before. I happen to luck out and post on twitter that I was having issues and a sweet lady sent me a link It seems to be about the only thing on the internet about this stitch. If you read this thread  it is basically a backwards loop. You can see a video of the backwards loop here, if you scroll down on this page you will see a video for a Single Cast On which is the Backwards loop, no sound to this video. So the Fourchette are the backwards loops in between your gloves fingers. If you did not have these then there would be no wiggle room to move your fingers.I hope this helps someone out there because I had a hell of a time finding all this information for my self.
Here is a update just from this morning. Over at she posted a video of how to do a backwards loop cast on 

This Friday is my birthday and boy I can't believer its here already. I'm getting to the age were I don't want to do these anymore they just are not fun. getting older now just sucks butt, lol. The last 2 years I have refused to do anything on my birthday and this year I'm thinking the same way, just sit home and let the day roll by me.
well I have a ton of house work to do, so I will talk to you soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots Going On

Well a lot has gone on this last week. Last Friday I quit my new job! All I can say is that it was way to much for me to do and not enough time with family , not to mention it stressed me out and made my depression way worse. I am going to try and go to work part time and forget about working full time right now. My home life is way more important than a pay check right now, not to mention my sanity .
Saturday Don bought a Apple Ipad Itouch 4th Generation :) I have a Ipod classic that is a 20g black and white, a 1st generation Itouch and now the latest and greatest Ipod. It is just like the new Iphone without the phone part. It really is amazing and makes me wonder if me and Don should get Iphones. I still have 15 months on both our phones so it is not going to happen for a while and I'm hoping by then that Verizon will be carrying the Iphone. Not to mention that every summer all the lastest and greatest phone hit the market so there will prob be another Iphone out by then.

 Here is what I am knitting right now. It is the Treads gloves. I have frogged them twice now because they were to big in the wrist area for me. I have gone down to a size 4 needle and I think now maybe it will work for me. Almost to the part were I will start making the fingers. This pattern is on Raverly for free if you like it.
I hope to start some sock this week also so that I will have a go project with me all the time. I hate those days when your out and all your electronics are almost dead and you have not knitting with you. Hope by next week I'll have more to share with you all. Have a good week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

L.J. Kaelms Bag From Jordana Paige

Anyone that knows me has seen my 2 amazing Jordana Paige knitting satchels , the red and the pink ... well now there is this pretty girl . She is the perfect bag for me because she will go with my work outfits very well and she will hold my knitting. Its so hard finding a professional bag to carry that will also hold my knitting, this solves my problem. I think it will look amazing with my black suits. Keep your fingers crossed that I win the contest Jordana Paige is having on your blog. go check it out ...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Make a Great Thumb Hole

So I am working on the Treads gloves and just got past the  part with slipping the 11 stitches for the thumb hole onto a piece of scrap yarn and I am working on the last part of the glove before making the fingers. I was looking at blogs this morning and found this photo tutorial of how to do a great thumb hole, so much better than the way I have been doing it. Hope this helps someone out there, sure helped me. Well, now I have to rip back and redo my thumb hole, lol. but it will look much better.. I got this information from . she has some great pictures to show you step by step what to do .. well worth the read.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I'm Working on

So my new job has really kept me busy and I have had no time to think or breath... but I did want to share with you what I am knitting on while I'm on my lunch break.. The yarn is Berroco Vintage in gray and I am making the Treads gloves from Raverly I saw them made in my local yarn shop and had to have  a pair for work.. The yarn was less than 7 dollors and is acrylic, wood and Nylon & superwash, so they will hold up nicely at work..
The top fall colored yarn is Happy Feet which I can't wait to knit a pair of socks out of :) I love fall and I could not wait to get some fall colors.. Hope everyone has a great week and I will try and post more in the coming days..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Fridays!

Free Fridays!

For all my people out there that have a Nook , It's free book Friday.. Go download it :) have a good one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Removing Glitter Polish : The Foil Method

I found this information on So Glad I did because getting glitter polish off sucks ass!!! Enjoy.
Glitter nail polish is great but can be a real pain removing it. Some people even have a glitterphobia (I had it too). It is such a shame not to wear glitter polishes just beacuse of the removal, so today I have for you a post about one of the methods that make it easy...the foil method. Lets have a look at it step by step:

Before you start, prepare these things:
1. nail polish remover
2. cotton pads
3. foil
4. scissors
5. cuticle cream

So obviously you also need your nails with a glitter nail polish on :D (I have Nubar Petunia Sparkle)

Take one cotton pad and cut it into half (or even on quarters...what you like more). Put you nail polish remover on the pad and the place then pad on your nail:

Cut the foil into smaller pieces and wrap it around your finger with the cotton pad and remover:

Now do the exact same thing on all your fingers. Then leave the foil on for about 15mins (go watch TV, read a book, just relax):

After 15 minutes remove the foil and cotton pad. All your glitter will be on the pad and your nail is clean. Effortless :)

Now because soaking your fingers 15minutes in a nail polish remover isn´t very good for your cuticles (they will be dry) put on your favourite cuticle cream :) I like Lush Lemony Flutter and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

So this is it...nothing copmlicated. It is very simple :) Now tell me...what is your favourite glitter polish and how do you remove it?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Job

Well Monday I started a new job and it has been one long week. 2 nights I had to work from 830am to 8pm and everynight I got home we had to leave and do something. I guess it would not have been so bad if I would have been able to come home and just relax, but we were running around looking at motorcycles for Don. He ended up finding a really nice one that is 3 years old with only no miles on it.. it's just like brand new. The guy that owned it  never got a change to ride it really. So now Don has his bike and we can go riding.
I have had no knitting time this week at all!!!!! No reading or tv time this week... It has been work and sleep. But I have the first week knocked out of the way and I am feeling great that I am learning my new job so fast.
I am a Assistant Manager with a Finance company. I said I would not go back into the collection and loan field, but here I am. I think this job will be really good for me. Its great to be able to get all dressed up for work and look pretty for a change.  Hope to have more to post about in the coming week. Take care and have a wonderful weekend all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coach Store

Don at the counter paying for my new Coach purse :)
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Shopping Spree

So I am sitting home yesterday doing my thing on a Saturday when I jump out of the shower and my honey just gets home from work really early in the afternoon, which is rare on a busy weekend at work. He announces that we are going to the mall. I had to ask him if I heard him right because he never, ever wants to go near the mall, ex specially on  a Saturday when everyone and their dog is at the mall. So after the shock of it wore off I put on my flip flops and we were out the door. When we get to the mall he says I need to buy work clothes. Oh yes you heard me right, work clothes. I got a new job I start this Monday and I have to dress professional , no jeans for work anymore. So we hit up J.C. Pennys and they had a massive sale going on! I loaded up on some really nice clothes for hardly nothing. Then we were off to the kids section were everything was on sale too! Got cheyanne 3 tops which she picked out , and I have to say they were cute. By this time I was on cloud 9 because I have not been clothes shopping in forever and a moon and I really did need clothes. We headed out to the main part of the mall and came across the Coach Store, and I had to look inside :) what girl would just walk past the Coach store and not look? I was in heaven with all the colors, leather and bling going on. Mind you that I had just gotten out of the shower when we left for the mall, my hair was just drying, no makeup on and I was wearing a tank top and long shorts.. I was looking pretty bad and the sales girls in the store were just looking at us like we were white trash. You know the look , they look at you like, oh crap here comes the lookers that never can afford to buy anything..bitches!!!!.. So a nice sales lady came up to us and we started talking about some of the bags and I said I was looking for something that was professional looking.but really I had spotted this hot pick fabric purse that was screaming my name, but there was no way I could take that to work. So I found a black leather bag in cloth and one in leather and Don did not like them at all , so he wondered off looking while I stayed with the sales girl just trying to decided if I really needed a 300.00 purse for work. I mean, I have never in my life spent that kind of money on a handbag, and 300,00 in the Coach store is there cheapest bag.. Don calls my name and me and the sales lady turn around and he is holding this amazing black Crock bag up saying " This one is really nice and really you honey " the sales girl looks at me and says, yes that is a very nice bag and he picked the most expensive bag in the store, lol. I knew he didn't look at the sales tag , because he never would have picked it up and showed it to me.My little heart was a pounding for the bag he had in his hand. I just smiled and said , honey it is a amazing purse but did you look at the price tag? He looked at me and the sales girl and said " No, but if you like this bag then I'm buying it for you." The sales girl about fell out, and said.. WOW, go for it .. don't say no to a man that is going to buy you a bag like that!! Of coarse he did not give me a second to think about it before he told the sales girl we were taking the bag. There was a married couple standing next to us and the husband almost fainted and looked at his wife like, I'm sorry honey but your not getting that bag :(  I was almost crying I was so excited .. he went to the counter to pay for my new bag and the sales girl asked if it was my b-day, lol. Of coarse Don told her no and that he liked to buy me things that made me happy. He is such a sweet man to me. We had to wait a bit while they went in the back and got me my bag and I didn't think I could hardly wait! I carried that Coach bag so proudly threw the mall . It is really a moment I will never forget. I have always been a purse girl and shoes, but I have never really spent over 90.00 for a bag just because I like to change them out so much and it seemed really selfish to spend a lot on one. This bag will be a forever bag.. I don't see me getting rid of it in my life time. So here she is ladies.

                                MADISON EMBOSSED EXOTIC CARRYALL.

I did take a picture of the price tag, but I'm not sure if that is cool to post? So I won't because we all know that Coach is not cheap by any means. I can hear the sales girls talking after we left.. Man can you believe that guy bought that homely girl that bag, lol.. Ya, I looked that bad yesterday, lol. Don't judge a book by the cover peoples.
So after coming home and taking pics of my purse and loading it up, we were off to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and to Barns & Nobles . I love Barns & Nobles store. I trying to go more now that I have the Nook, because they are always running some special is you take your Nook in. Like yesterday I showed the Cafe my Nook and got a 3 piece chocolates from Godiva for free.. yummy.. when I came back from getting my free chocolate, Don and Cheyanne were at the Nook Counter. Of coarse Don wants to buy Cheyanne a Nook because she reads so much and it really would save us money in the long run. We let her test drive the Nook for a  bit and she wanted one. So don bought her the Wi-fi only version and a really nice cover for it. Talk about 2 excited girls yesterday!! he really made our year taking us on such a shopping spree. It's something we never do, so it was very nice treat.

I will post later in the week of how my new job is going :) i'm hoping this job will work out just fine for a long time. No more job changes for me. This is it. Have a great week everyone..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yarn buy

I went to lunch with a knitting friend yesterday followed by a trip to a new yarn shop in town Loops Just A Yarn Store. This is there 2nd store location in our town and much closer for me, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. I picked up 2 skins of Plymouth Happy feet sock yarn and 2 skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca grand to make my self a pair of Bella mittens .. I have been waiting to get just the right yarn to make my Bella mittens and I found it . I am going to try and make 2 mitts at once using 1 magic loop. I went to knit night yesterday and I had someone show me how. So I think I will enjoy this much more with 2 mitts done at the same time :) wise me luck

Yarn Giveaway

celandic Gardening, Knitting, Gradstudent, Mom has a giveaway for 40.00 gift card to Loops yarn store here in our very own Tulsa, Okla.. Go to her website and enter to win. I am always about some great yarn.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look What I made

I found this Nook template on the Nook Facebook group and edited it with my name and some hearts. Makes for a great wallpaper on my nook.
I did have a custom skin made from Unique earlier this week, so I'm hoping it will be here soon. I'll make sure to post pictures when I get it put on my Nook.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Toy's

This morning I had all my toy's out and thought I would share them with you. First is my New Gateway laptop, my Ipod Itouch, Blackberry 9700, My camera on the right hand side , my new Nook from Barnes & Noble  with my Skull Candie headphones , and my Blackberry 9000. It just amazing me that I use these things on a daily bases. Only thing I don't have is a Nintendo DS which I am thinking of getting. Not 100% sure of that yet. Hope you enjoyed the visual of my day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good day all. It's Saturday morning and I thought I would get to writing a blog post about random life stuff going on . 
I wanted to write my thoughts on the Barns & Noble Nook since I have had it about a week now. I have managed to read a whole book in less than a week with it and I have to say there is something to be said for my not being able to see how many more physical pages you have left to finish the book . The Nook does give you how many pages you have read and what is remaining, but there seems to be a since of calm with these numbers. When I read a paper back book, I get over whelmed with all the those pages I have lingering to finish. So in a way the nook has helped with that issue for sure.

One night I decided to use my Nook in bed while Don was sleeping and to my surprise none of my book lights worked with the Nook while in my case. So the next day i went back to Barnes & Noble and bought a Nook light in orange. It works wonderful with the Nook and I am very pleased that I decided to get it. It does create a little glare if you are using it in the pitch dark, but in a dimly lite room it works wonderful.  
My local B&N store had the Nook class last-night and I had planned on going, but by the time 6pm got here I just decided not to go. I have had the Nook for a week now and I pretty much have learned most of the in's and out's of the device. I have found a couple web sites I wanted to share with you that I thought someone might use.

  1. Mobile Read...  This is a great place for all kinds of Nook goodness. They have forums and websites to download books. 
  2. Good Reads ... This is a place to document all the books you have read, will read and want to read. You can add friends and see what they to say about books they have read or what they suggest to read you may not know if out. 
  3. Books On Board.... another online book buying site. 
      4. Fiction wise... a online book buying site. 

This week we did watch the 2 hour special of Deadliest Catch were they lost Caption Phil. Very sad , very sad. He wave loved by so many and I don't thing we ever know how much until we are really gone. He will be missed very much. 

I have been playing with the idea of getting another phone. Me and this Blackberry 9700 are having issues. It's the small keyboard. I just don't understand why they made this phone so small. the 9000 bold was perfect . I love that phone and use it alot, but the battery and memory are a true issue. Anyone that ownes this phone knows what I am talking about. I really have not decided yet, but I am really thinking I may have to go with something a little more basic. I got this phone with my 2 year renewal so I will have to pay full price for a new  phone :( sucks. 
On the knitting front I have nothing to offer. I have not touched my needles in a couple months now and I think it has been  a nice little break,but I am ready to get back at it. I miss very much the needle and yarn in my hands. I still have my Rose Leaf Trellis Shawl I am working on and a pair of toe up socks. This will keep me busy for some time :) I'm a very slow knitter,lol. 

I guess I am learning with time, that I don't have to keep the worlds pass anymore. Just enjoy what I can do with the time I have. That's all I expect of myself.  

Love comments from you guys so drop by and say hi ;) have a great day all. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I always try and keep this blog about positive things in my life like my knitting, blackberry world or random things in life, but I really need to air some things, and I think this is a perfect spot since it is my blog and I have complete control of it.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been in a relationship with Don since 2003. We got engaged 2 years ago and I really have not thought about getting married yet just because I don't feel the need. Of coarse there is my family that thinks I should stop playing house and get married,but I just don't see the point. Its not going to change anything in our relationship except my last name. Pointless really.

My relationship has always been my number 1 priority because it's that important to me. Don really has made me a better person by love and support that he gives me unconditionally without fail. I really have changed for the better but it seems there are those that think I should still be a party hardy girl and go out to clubs, drink and be their partner in crime for a good time. Now that I don't do that anymore I have to say I have no friends in my life, not even 1.. It's really sad that I was no more than a fun friend and now that I have a nice life that does not involve drinking, night clubs and running all over town < I have been left in the dust.

Having a family means you spend all your time with them and doing for them because you love them. and it means you give 110% to that person. I don't see why you have to go shopping, eat lunch and do all this crazy stuff to be friends with someone. You can't just talk on the phone, email or drop a text and say hi to be friends???????? I  guess I will never have friends again because I chose to be with Don all the time when we are not working. people in this world want to know why they get divorced or don't have good relationships? Think about it. 100 years ago a man and woman had each-other, and then  their kids. That was it! they worked,played and spent all there time together. The wife just didn't run off all day to hang out with her girlfriends while the hubby sat home tending the farm! She didn't tell him she couldn't make dinner because she had to go to meet the girls at the club for a drink. I truly believe Don and I have a strong relationship because we spend all our time invested with each other.
So I will say it , right here. I don't care if you think I'm stupid for never leaving his side, I don't care that you think i'm crazy for never talking or seeing so called friends! friendship is not a one way street and I'm tired of doing all the walking. friendship should be meeting in the middle.. thats what friends do , it's about both people. And if you really cared about me you would understand that my family is the world to me , and you would be supportive of me for trying to be the best person I can be...... (Off soap box)

Not everyone can have the relationship we have, and I thank god every day for giving me Don. I love him and Cheyanne with everything I have and will never make the mistake of letting others try and control our lifes. We make our lifes what we really want, and I want Don for my life mate and that's it.  I can't change the way people think or what they do, all I can do is make my life what it needs to be. So, so  long to friendship of the past and your restrictions and rules! I don't play games and I don't follow anyone.. This is my life and my rules, and the rules say I will be happy  for ever :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jonathan Adler Case

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I love this case because the inside is bright pink and it hold the Nook so I don't have to take it in and out . It also has the business card holder and paper holder . The cases for the Nook are crazy expensive but this one was only 30.00 which I could stand. 

My Nook

Nook in its pretty pink case
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Fw: my nook in box.

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