Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots Going On

Well a lot has gone on this last week. Last Friday I quit my new job! All I can say is that it was way to much for me to do and not enough time with family , not to mention it stressed me out and made my depression way worse. I am going to try and go to work part time and forget about working full time right now. My home life is way more important than a pay check right now, not to mention my sanity .
Saturday Don bought a Apple Ipad Itouch 4th Generation :) I have a Ipod classic that is a 20g black and white, a 1st generation Itouch and now the latest and greatest Ipod. It is just like the new Iphone without the phone part. It really is amazing and makes me wonder if me and Don should get Iphones. I still have 15 months on both our phones so it is not going to happen for a while and I'm hoping by then that Verizon will be carrying the Iphone. Not to mention that every summer all the lastest and greatest phone hit the market so there will prob be another Iphone out by then.

 Here is what I am knitting right now. It is the Treads gloves. I have frogged them twice now because they were to big in the wrist area for me. I have gone down to a size 4 needle and I think now maybe it will work for me. Almost to the part were I will start making the fingers. This pattern is on Raverly for free if you like it.
I hope to start some sock this week also so that I will have a go project with me all the time. I hate those days when your out and all your electronics are almost dead and you have not knitting with you. Hope by next week I'll have more to share with you all. Have a good week.

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