Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bad Blogger

It has been a while since I posted. Not alot going on just alot of work and coming home to be to tired to knit! I have made no progress on my Hedera sock so there will be no update pictures to show right now.

I see that the world has gone mad over the new Iphone from Apple. I would not mind having one but I will wait for the reviews to come out first. I am a big electronics geek and most of the time have all the new toys, but this one I am pretty sure will have a few problems that I will want to see first hand before spending 600.00 right off the bat. Being a ex Telecommucations speicalist makes me have a little more advantage over the general public on knowing whats up with the new cellphones :). I took a vacation day today so that I could just hangout at home and do some knitting, which I have not got to yet because we did the wal-mart thing, blockbuster and now eating lunch and updating my blog:). I would hope to have alot of my sock completed by this weekend but as soon as I say that it will not happen.

Monday Me and my 8 year old step daughter took a road trip about a hour north of were we live to see my Knitting buddy and her family. We had such a great day I didn't want to come home! She showed me how to die yarn, I looked over all her great stash! I even got to use her spinning wheel, which I really sucked at because I have never done it before. But after using it I am really thinking I need to get one for myself when the time is right. My knitting buddy just got this hugh order for one of our local yarns shops so she will be really busy dying yarn and filling the order for a while. She is really excited that her yarn is flying off the shelfs. She said I could post her blog her in case you are wondering whom I am speaking what her yarn looks like..........

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have to have one of these made up like today!!.... Can you see peoples faces as you walk into a StarBucks with (Fuck Off I'm Knitting) on your You know when you are working on a piece that takes ever once of concentration that you have and someone comes along and says, hey whats ya doing there ?? you lose all scope of what you were just doing and it will take a week to frog back enough to know were you were. This is the shirt you need to point to on those says it all..
This is a Fem-bot. If you click on the link above you will see what she is all about. A little to real for my taste but I guess in Japan they need good animation for partys and business. She looks so really it is hard to believe she is just a machaine. Of course I had to show this because of the Hello Kitty

Monday, June 18, 2007

This and That

This is Trekking XXL # 100 which I recieved in the mail the middle of this week by great surprize to me . I had placed the order over 4 weeks ago and never recieved a response from the company on the status of this order. This was the same order I was trying to place with Trekking #126 which they didn't have. So without any communications to me about my order they charged my creidt card monday and I recieved this in the mail. To say the least I am not very happy about not being notified of the order being filled and sent to me. Seems to me it would have been the professtional thing to do to send a email to a customer to see if they order is still in demand before charging ones credit card. Here is my baby Cowboy laying in my craft room looking all sweet.. ya He is a little over a year old and I have had him since he was 3 weeks old. Can you see the meaness in his he is such a mess I can't even begin to talk about it.
I am going to work on my now famous Hedera sock after cleaning house, doing laundry and running to wal-mar, updating my blog,reading my email... I think I can sit down and work on it for a couple hours without moving. Then I will be able to post a pic finally. I have only done the 10 rows of ribbing, and 4 rounds , so not much to take a pic of at this point,but it will get there by the end of the week.I will be so happy when I get some progress on this sock, it's like climbing a mountain for me at this point,but I know with a couple deep breaths I can do it.

If you have not checked out, get on it and see all the cool stuff. This week they have a lost dog with a hello kitty tattoo on her you just have to see it to believe it. I really have been into reading great knitting blogs and i think I read so many I should get payed for it.:) I love seeing new yarns and new projects, not to mention the great vacations some of you are taking, Bravo for you.. if anyone has or knows a great knitting blog please pass it along to me, I would love to see more great creations and yarn buying.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sweet 16

Yesteday June 10th, 2007 was my youngest sons 16th birthday! I can't believe that he is almost grown, man were does the time go. We had a great day together with the birthday party and as you can see in the picture his dad bought him a Harley!He was so excited he could not stand to sit still,except for on the bike. He just got his driving permit last week so I guess he will have to take a test to ride this monster. I had no clue his father was going to give him this and it is very scary for me to think of my baby out on the open road on this ,but I am sure he will have alot of fun on it. I asked if I could ride on the back and he sad (NO MOM!).. lol.. I guess that would not be to this will give him and his dad a chance to spend time together since my ex also has a Harley and his uncle has a Harley.. I guess I better go out and buy a Harley so I can ride with the I am off work today and I will try and work on my Hedra sock that is just looking at me and screaming to be finished or started, which ever way you want to look at Then I will go pull stuff out for a garage sale we will try and have next week. Till next time, smile and love the skin your in..

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hello Kitty Heaven

Look at what I found this morning on I just have to have one right now!!!!!!!! I am the biggest Hello kitty fan ever but this website shows that I don't have nearly enought Hello Kitty product in my own Hello Kitty room at home. This website Hello kitty Hell was created by a husband that has been driven mad by all his wifes Hello Kitty obsesstions:), you go girl. I have alot of fun checking it out and will use it as a shopping list for myself in the future. If anyone has any pics of Hello Kitty products please send them to me,I always want to know about new Hello Kitty maddness.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Sock Nightmare

Well first of all I can't believe I am at home while the sun is still up! I have been working nights with this new job and today I started my new shift of 7am-4pm.. ya me . I am very excited to be home with the family to have dinner and post on the new blog.
I tried yesterday to work on the Hedera sock and once again got stuck on the 3rd round with 3 more stitches than I needed!! I emailed Cookie A at Knitty and she gave me the link to knitting help and told me the pattern had a update to the pattern and that might be the problem.when I took a look at it I already have the updated copy so that was a no go. I am hoping someone can tell me what the heck is up with it so I can get started on this sock before I go mad!!! if there are supposed to be 2 repeats on each needle which is 20 stitch's then way does it have 12 stitches on round 3? I am so confused Will someone please save me from the hell of not knowing what the heck I am doing with this damn sock... OK, enough about that.
the pic I have posted with this is the first pair and only pair of socks I have made and I have to say that this pair was much easier than what I am trying now with Hedera,but I wanted to challenge myself .what was I
We are sending the little one off this week to grandmas house for some fun in the sun and for summer vacation, for her and us so she is really excited about leaving us behind and getting spoiled at grandmas house,can't say I am to happy with the spoiling part ,but I guess I just have to live with it.
If anyone has made the Hedera sock from Knitty could you please email me with what is up with round 3? till next time, smile and be happy .

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Yarn Adventure

I just had to tell the story behind this yarn because it is and adventure that has lasted for almost a year. When I first saw Trekking #126 it was while surfing the Internet and coming across a blog with this stunning sock,right away I knew I had to have this yarn named Neapolitan #126 to make my own socks.Well, It happens that is was discontinued and it was no where on the world wide web to be found,so I gave up looking. Then last month I happened to see a blog with a new posting stating they had bought Trekking #126 at their local LNS and it had been placed back on the market after so much pleading from the yarn obsessed public. None of my local LNS had any Trekking so I was left to surf the web for my sock yarn , low and behold I found Uncommon Threads with a posting that they had the Trekking #126,so I rushed and placed my order for 1 skein. It was the next day they sent me a email stating they were out of stock and could place a order for it the following week. I thought to myself, well I can wait 1 week for this yarn, no big deal right?then a second email followed stating that they could not get it because it has been discontinued AGAIN!!!! I happened to be at work when I read this second email and went into a true fit to be tied state. I was so angry that they had this product on there website and didn't have it in stock! then played around with me and still could not get it. So I asked that my order for Trekking #100 be shipped to me anyway, and that I was very disappointed that they were so lacks at keeping up their website . I received no reply and I still have not received my Trekking #100 and my credit card was never charged!!!!!!.. this was my first time ever buying yarn on line and with Uncommon Threads and it didn't leave a good taste in my mouth at all. Following my melt down at work over this yarn I decided right then and there i would get this damn yarn if it killed me, some way, some how. So I hit the Internet again searching high and low and found Fibre Yarns and they had my beloved yarn. First I sent them a email asking if they had the product in stock before hand,I wanted to save myself the hardship of another meltdown. So after sending the email I continued with my morning and I headed to work thinking about the yarn..I received a phone call from Fibre Yarns that morning telling me that she had 1 skein in and if I wanted it she would be more than happy to hold it for me!!>> I was so excited I could hardly stand it. She held the yarn back until I got my lunch break and could pay for the yarn on her site. Now how is that for great Customer Service!!. I will be doing alot more business with them since they treated me like a valued customer. I also lucked out the same day and found another skein of the Trekking #126 on Modern Yarns, what a great shop also. I placed both orders on the same day and received my produce 2 days later from both!!!!!!!!...They have both restored my faith in buying yarn over the Internet and I am sure they will make alot of money off me. . Love to hear about anyone Else's adventures buying for favorite yarn, or yarn you have seen on blogs that you just had to have..

Jordana Paige Bag

My first entry into my blog and I am not quit sure what to say or just what to talk about but I know how to take pictures and hope this will make up for the lack of grammar or writing skills that follow along in this journey.
November of 2006 I learned to knit by first taking a sock class. I thought why note just jump right off the bridge and learn something that looks really hard. It was the best gift I could ever give myself. Since learning the basic knitting of a sock I have gone on to knit a couple hats,scarfs and working on the sock pattern Hedera from Knitty by Cookie the obsessed knitter.Now mind you this is only my second pair of socks EVER since learning to knit. I have frogged the sock about 5 times now . I am sure that in the near future I will be able to put this puppy together. In the mean time maybe I will work on some crochet or cross stitch just to mix it up a bit.
I bought a Jordana Paige bag yesterday when me and my new knitting buddy took a road trip to Ft.Smith Arkansas to Stringtown Yarn and Fiber, did I mention it was so much fun! that I wanted to buy the whole store!. It is so hard going into LNS and not buying every little thing they have. But I did get my Lovely red bag that i will carry every were with all my little goodies inside.I also bought 2 skeins of pink Alpaca yarn ,which i am sure will take me a while to vinture into since it is so little and fraile. If you are in the Ft.Smith area I urge you to stop by the store. It is in a beautiful old brick building with hard wood floors that say (walk this way to my pile of yummy yarn). It had the feeling of a place I could just spend all day knitting and talking among friends. I am sure we will visit again really soon since it is only 1 1/2 from my home. Hint In the pic you will notice Hello Kitty stitch markers! These were special made for me and are a one of a kind by new new knitting buddy . I am a big,big fan of Hello kitty and even have a whole room in my house full of her:). So these stitch markers mean alot to me.. Thank you knitting buddy.I would post her site on Etsy that she sales her hand dyed yarns,but I need to get her ok first, so look for that in the future.
I'm not quit sure where this blog will take me but I do hope that It will reach far and wide and lighten someones day. Till next time , Smile and make the world a better place..