Monday, June 4, 2007

A Yarn Adventure

I just had to tell the story behind this yarn because it is and adventure that has lasted for almost a year. When I first saw Trekking #126 it was while surfing the Internet and coming across a blog with this stunning sock,right away I knew I had to have this yarn named Neapolitan #126 to make my own socks.Well, It happens that is was discontinued and it was no where on the world wide web to be found,so I gave up looking. Then last month I happened to see a blog with a new posting stating they had bought Trekking #126 at their local LNS and it had been placed back on the market after so much pleading from the yarn obsessed public. None of my local LNS had any Trekking so I was left to surf the web for my sock yarn , low and behold I found Uncommon Threads with a posting that they had the Trekking #126,so I rushed and placed my order for 1 skein. It was the next day they sent me a email stating they were out of stock and could place a order for it the following week. I thought to myself, well I can wait 1 week for this yarn, no big deal right?then a second email followed stating that they could not get it because it has been discontinued AGAIN!!!! I happened to be at work when I read this second email and went into a true fit to be tied state. I was so angry that they had this product on there website and didn't have it in stock! then played around with me and still could not get it. So I asked that my order for Trekking #100 be shipped to me anyway, and that I was very disappointed that they were so lacks at keeping up their website . I received no reply and I still have not received my Trekking #100 and my credit card was never charged!!!!!!.. this was my first time ever buying yarn on line and with Uncommon Threads and it didn't leave a good taste in my mouth at all. Following my melt down at work over this yarn I decided right then and there i would get this damn yarn if it killed me, some way, some how. So I hit the Internet again searching high and low and found Fibre Yarns and they had my beloved yarn. First I sent them a email asking if they had the product in stock before hand,I wanted to save myself the hardship of another meltdown. So after sending the email I continued with my morning and I headed to work thinking about the yarn..I received a phone call from Fibre Yarns that morning telling me that she had 1 skein in and if I wanted it she would be more than happy to hold it for me!!>> I was so excited I could hardly stand it. She held the yarn back until I got my lunch break and could pay for the yarn on her site. Now how is that for great Customer Service!!. I will be doing alot more business with them since they treated me like a valued customer. I also lucked out the same day and found another skein of the Trekking #126 on Modern Yarns, what a great shop also. I placed both orders on the same day and received my produce 2 days later from both!!!!!!!!...They have both restored my faith in buying yarn over the Internet and I am sure they will make alot of money off me. . Love to hear about anyone Else's adventures buying for favorite yarn, or yarn you have seen on blogs that you just had to have..

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