Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flex Points on Weight Watchers

flexPoints and other basic information; also Fast Track
FlexPoints and other basic information; also Fast Track

Please remember that the best way to learn about the Weight Watchers program is to attend a local meeting. Your local Weight Watchers leader is trained to provide you with the best, most accurate, and up-to-date information on the Weight Watchers program. By going to a local meeting you get accountability and friendly support to help you be successful on your journey. If you can’t attend a local meeting, Weight Watchers also offers an At Home program and even has online tools.

The information below is for current Weight Watchers members. It is only meant to be a convenient reference for some of the more technical portions of the program, for use by a current member who does not have access to her/his materials at the moment. The information below does not contain all aspects of the program and is not a replacement for information that an active member receives at a local Weight Watchers meeting.

Weight Ranges

The first column is your height in feet and inches. The second column is the MINIMUM for all adults. The third column is the recommended upper target for adults ages 17-25. The fourth column is the recommended upper target for adults ages 25-45. The fifth column is the MAXIMUM for adults over 45.

4’9” 92 106 111 115
4’10” 95 110 115 119
4’11” 99 114 119 124
5’0” 102 118 123 128
5’1” 106 121 127 132
5’2” 109 125 131 136
5’3” 113 130 135 141
5’4” 116 134 140 145
5’5” 120 138 144 150
5’6” 124 142 148 155
5’7” 127 147 153 159
5’8” 131 151 158 164
5’9” 135 155 162 169
5’10” 139 160 167 174
5’11” 143 165 172 179
6’0” 147 169 177 184
6’1” 151 174 182 189
6’2” 155 179 187 194
6’3” 160 184 192 200
6’4” 164 189 197 205
6’5” 184 194 202 210

This chart is NOT for growing teens or nursing women. Growing teens, females under 16 and males under 19, should add 2 points to the target shown. Nursing woman should add 10 points to the target show. Everyone should consult a doctor before beginning or modifying any weight loss program.

The first column is your weight right now. The second column is your POINTS Target. Your POINTS Target is the minimum numbers of points you should each every single day.

000 – 149 20
150 – 174 22
175 – 199 24
200 – 224 26
225 – 249 28
250 – 274 30
275 – 299 31
300 – 324 32
325 – 349 33
350 – 999 34[/font]

The best way to figure how many points are in the food you are eating is to use your POINTS Finder. If you don’t have it handy, you can use a calculator with the following formula. POINTS = [Calories/50] – [grams of fiber*/5] + [grams of fat/12] *note that the grams of fiber are capped at 4 grams per serving.

Activity Points

In addition to eating your Target points each day, you may choose to earn and optionally eat Activity points. Activity points earned must be used on the same day they are earned, if they are used at all. Activity points are fully described on, and can be calculated with, your POINTS booster. If you don’t have it handy, you can use a calculator and the following formulas.
Activity points for light intensity = [your weight] x [minutes] x 0.00023
Activity points for moderate intensity = [your weight] x [minutes] x 0.00033
Activity points for high intensity = [your weight] x [minutes] x 0.00081
Light intensity is described as being able to talk and sing, with regular breathing and no sweating. Examples of light intensity activities are leisurely walking or biking. Moderate intensity is described as being able to talk but not sing, with deep breathing and sweating after 10 minutes. Examples of moderate intensity activities are brisk walking or brisk biking. High intensity is described as being able to only talk briefly, with rapid deep breathing and sweating after 3-5 minutes. Examples of high intensity activities are running or competitive cycling.

Flex Points

In addition to eating all of your Target Points each day and optionally eating some or all of your Activity Points each day, you’ll begin each week with 35 Flex Points. Use them any way you please. Don’t use them at all, use some, divide them evenly over the week, or spend them all on a weekend splurge. Once the week is up, they’re gone. Keep track of them in your QuikTrak System.

Quik Trak System

This journal works like a checkbook register. Start each day with your POINTS Target. As you eat, record each food and subtract the appropriate points value from your available balance, as if you were writing a check. If you earn Activity Points you may record them as a deposit, adding them to your available balance. If you get to a 0 balance before the end of the day, you may add in “deposit” any available Flex points that you have remaining for the week. Just like your real checkbook, you never want a negative balance.

***FAST TRACK Information***

WW has introduced a new twist on the Flex Points program. Use this version to jumpstart your program when you've hit a plateau or just want to jump feet-first into the program.

A few highlights of this plan:

1) You eat 20 points per day for no more than two weeks (no matter what your weight is). Do NOT, under any circumstances go under this target!

2) Your 35 weekly Flex Points are not used for the duration of the Fast Track program.

3) Suggested menus can be found here: WW Eating Guide (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view - you can download it for free HERE)- you can follow either the higher carb or higher protein plans to get your 20 points in.

4) Remember to drink your water and eat your points in the most balanced manner possible!

5) Do NOT do Fast Track for longer than 2 weeks! To attempt to do so longer could cause damage to your metabolism. Fast Track is just a short-term program to jump start losses. It should be noted that if you feel you only need one week on it, than by all means, do it for only a week!

6) If you are exercising excessively, sticking to 20 points per day is probably not a realistic goal. Most have found eating some activity points, or just sticking to their regular Points Target is more helpful. If you exercise a lot, your body requires more calories for daily function. To not eat enough could possibly cause a short-term weight gain.
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This information came from DWLZ.com in the Forums under Old WW Programs

Happy Holidays

So Sorry for not posing in a while but we were kinda crazy around here with Christmas and the Blizzard we got Christmas Eve here in Oklahoma. Yes, you heard me correct a blizzard. Its the first one ever in Oklahoma so it was pretty amazing to be here and watch it from inside my house. It did give us a very pretty white Christmas but on the other hand the highway from my house to my moms was closed , so my parents were not able to spend Christmas with us :( that really sucked. We had a great time opening presents, eating lots of food and playing video games all day. We still have snow on the ground and are getting more today! So my honey is coming home early so I can get my butt out and to the store so we won't starve to death in case this stuff turns to ice. Lets keep our fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

The other part of me not blogging is because I have been preoccupied by starting a new weight loss group on blackberry messenger. When the new BBM 5.0 came out with the group chat I started a Weight loss group for girls only and man have I meet some really sweet ladies. After really getting to know each other I thought why not start a weight loss journey together for the new year. So we all decided that this would be just what we all needed to motivate and loss some weight. We decided that blogging would be a great way to share or journey with each other and to just have a place to put everything out there that we would need. So I sat yesterday and got started on the Blog. The blog name is Blackberry Diet Buddies 2009 on Blogger, you can find the link to it on the tool bar on the right hand side of my blog .I'm super excited about the blog and the can't wait to see the results of our hard work. I hope to really put a lot of great useful content on the blog for other readers that plan on doing Weight Watchers. Not all of us are doing Weight Watchers that are on the blog so this will also give a different spin for readers. Another part of this group weight loss is everyone will be posting on the blog, just not the admin. This is a great way to keep everyone feeling part of the group. We will do weekly weigh in and post or new weights on the blog. Another part of this dynamic is we will try using Skype during the week to chat and encourage each other. We all know that keeping on weight loss plan can be very hard when we all have family and work involved. I truly hope that with all the tools of blogging, BBM and Skype we will all loss the extra junk in the truck :)
Our Official start date is Jan 5, 2010. I will be going out today and picking up food,a new Food journal and a binder to start a new cooking menu for my self so that I can make weekly food menus.
This is a way is part of the previous post about me wanting to do something to push myself and help others. I will be really involved in blogging,recording and maintaining my own weight goals along with supporting my Blackberry buddies weight loss. I am really looking forward to this new journey with friends and a skinner me .
If any female reader would like to join our weight loss journey please leave me a comment and your email address. We do only take ladies and this will not change. So if you are a male reader I am sorry but I have to keep this group woman only. Hope you understand.
Have a great week everyone :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Router Security

So I was sitting home sick today trying to watch YouTube videos on blackberry applications and themes and my connection was horrible. Then I realized that someone on my street was using my unsecured wi-fi signal on my router and this was making it hard for me to use what I'm paying for! pissed off at this just because of the fact I have asked my honey to do this and he said he didn't know how, I went on Youtube and there was a video showing me how to secure my network :) so, for all my peps out there that need this information do it your self, here ya go. Don't let someone share your wi-fi and you get the crappy end of the deal . I had no clue it was so easy to get the settings changed once I found the IP address for my Linksys home Router.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Julia & Julia

So me and the honey were sitting around wanting to watch a PPV movie and we came across Julia & Julia and I really wanted to watch this. Being that it was about cooking and blogging. The man went to bed after 30 minutes of the movie stating it was a movie all about me and he was living this story already and went to bed. I have to tell you this movie really inspired me to take a challenge and make it mine. Deciding on what that challenge will be has not came to me clearly yet,but I know it will.
The movie really was about me and how I love to cook,blog and need to push myself to finish a project. You are all aware that I knit and crochet,but finishing a project for me is the hardest thing in the whole world!I get really excited about finding just the right pattern,then heading off to the yarn store to browse the wonderful soft yarns that I can never decide on and most of the time end up making a second trip to finally make a purchase. Then I start knitting my master piece,and knit and knit..and then I find a new pattern I just have to make and into the knitting bag goes the current project to sit for months or years untouched.It would be safe to say that I am a starter of things and can't seem to finish because i get side tracked with something new.
My whole life has been this way and after seeing Julia & Julia I really thought I'm not being far to myself at all! I need to find something and push myself to finish. I will be making a list of things I love and go from there. Here are a few things to pick from.

cross stitch
working out
weight loss and good health
write a book

The point is to do something every day and keep at it for a year. Could I really commit myself to doing something like this? I want to and I am going forward with it as soon as I decide what it is that I want to do. I know there are knitting challenges with socks and reading challenges,blog challenges, but I want to do something conformed to me. I really need to put alot of thought into this. I want it to be something that will open a whole new world to me as a individual to make me a better person. Does any of this make since? Any thoughts or comments on how you have done something in your life for a change everyday? love to hear your story.
Wanted to share Julia Powell's blog also since she is the reason I am making this life change. http://juliepowell.blogspot.com/
This is her current blog and does not include the cooking challenge she did with the Julia Childs cook book. Here is that blog when she started that challenge in 2005..

You have to click on the calender on the right hand side of this blog to read the days posts.. a very good read.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How To Restore A Nuked Blackberry

So I thought this Video was great because I had a really bad scares yesterday installing a new OS and thought I had Nuked my Berry! Holly crap I was scared. This was posted on Crackberry this morning but I wanted to put it here so I would have it too :) enjoy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Short Cut Keys on your Blackberry

to use quick launch you'll need to fire disable your "Dial From Home Screen" function, you can do this by clicking on your Phone icon from the home screen or by pressing the green phone button. Next press the Menu key, choose Options, then General Options. Finally change the "Dial From Home Screen" field from "Yes" to "No", hit the Escape key and your ready to go.

Please Note: You will now need to hit the Phone icon or press the Green Call key to make a call.

In place of the calling feature you can press the following keys to access the following apps from your home screen:

  • A = Address Book
  • B = Browser
  • C = Compose Message
  • D = Notes
  • F = Profiles (Might not work on 9700)
  • G = Google Talk (if app is installed)
  • H = Help
  • I - AIM (if app is installed)
  • K = Lock Device
  • L = Calendar
  • M = Mail
  • N = BlackBerry Messenger
  • O = Options
  • P = Phone
  • Q = Can be used with QSMS which you can find HERE
  • R = Alarm Clock (May not work on 8900/9600/9700)
  • S = Search
  • T = Tasks
  • U = Calculator
  • V = Saved Messages
  • W = Wap Browser
  • Y = Yahoo (if application is installed)
I found this information at http://girlythemesfaq.blogspot.com/
I learn something new everyday about my berry

My Bella Hat

Hi Blogland friends, I have been busy knitting on the Bella hat for the last couple of days and it is complete. The reason I knitted this is because lastweek when the temp dropped and it was spitting rain I had decided I wanted to get out and shop. So I called my friend down the street (with whom I have been friends with for 16 years) and we headed off to the new super Target right down the road. Well, bright me wanted to drive the MAN Truck that is harder than hell to park because it has the extra long bed but has the power of a mule..luv this big ass truck and drive it every chance I get. anywho, when I got to Target I parked way out in the parking lot because the spaces were to close together for me to get the truck in. When we got out of the truck to go into the store, I heard all about parking the truck in the back fourty from my friend , lol. Mind you she was not wearing a jacket or anything more than a sweatshirt. Me on the other hand had everything on but a hat and man did I wish I had one by the time we got inside the store, it was freezing and wet and my hair looked like something out of a scary movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is when I decided I needed to knit my self a hat girls..
I love the pattern of the Bella hat found on Raverly but the top is pointy and kinda weird. Its great if I want to put all my hair up,but then look like a cone head, lol.. but it will match the bella gloves I'm working on right now for my self :) it was fun to knit but I think the next one I will make a little smaller or change the decrease pattern.
Can you believe its not pink, lol.. I love this purple color and can't wait to see my bella gloves in it. If I could remember the yarn I would list it,but i'm having a brain fart at 6am..
have a great day everyone :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Here is the wonderful picture of my living room this afternoon. It could be put on a postcard and mailed all around the world for a warm and fuzzy feeling when you are cold and lonely.
I had to get out today and fight with people at walmart for grocery's in case the weather gets to back this week were I can't get out. The store was packaged and they ran out of shopping carts right after I got there! can you believe that. The weather is nasty here in Tulsa today, it is 37 degrees and spitting misty rain, yuck. Glad I am in the rest of the day and sitting by the fire with my knitting :) what a wonderful day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

New White Tree

I went to walmart today with a plan to pick up a Christmas tree. I decided I wanted a white tree and this is what I got. I went with blue lights and blue and silver ornaments :) it really is different than any other tree for the simple fact that we always have a green tree. I will post better pics tomorrow when I get my camera out... Can't believe I bought a tree ...
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm a blogger pusher

I love to blog and share with other people how to blog right from there phones. In the last month I have convinced 2 people to start blogging . The reason they had never blogged is because they did not have a home computer or they found it to time consuming to sit in front of the pc to post a blog . Of coarse I told then all about Go Blogger than can be done from any phone!! This is why I luv Blogger so much. I am glad I could share a little of what I know about this to someone out there. Check out their blogs. The first blog is Brook's at
The second blog is being worked on right now and I don't have the link for it yet. When I do it will be posted here.(Springfairy) is working on it.
Brook and I started chatting because she has lost a lot of weight and she is so motivational to me with her story of weight loss. I'm really glad I talked her into starting her wieghtloss blog :) please read her story, its amazing.. Laters peeps
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New sheets

Here are the new Flannel sheets I picked up today at Target :) Dons going to flip out, lol..
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Thinking time

So I was looking threw my blog and I noticed I never have pictures of myself on here. One being I am always the one taking all the pictures and two I just can't stand to see my fat ass on here. As the story goes there was a time when I was thin and pretty, but for the past 5 years I really have been fighting the flab and it has won.
I turned 41 In October and I just hate it! Getting old sucks ass! I was looking threw photos on my laptop of a pool party we had this summer and realized Im not that old looking, just really out of shape. The picture I have posted is from our pool party this summer and I am the brunette and the 21 years old blond is a good friend Kristeen. Now looking at the photo I have no wrinkles,no gray and damn I don't look bad next to this 21 year old baby, lol.. so I guess from now on I will start letting people take more photos of me to post here on my blog. I have to get over the fat thing or loss it forever. Its just hard when you have grown up being called the Anorexic barbie doll your whole life until you hit 35. Guess I better piss or get off the pot about all of it because its stupid to let it stand in the way of my happiness.
I know there are alot of bloggers out there that never post pics of them selfs and I hate it! it makes the blog not as personable to me when reading their life events.
Drop me a commit on what your thoughts are of all this crazy flab or skinny crap .

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Goodies

The line up is as follows from left to right. Miss Cheyanne, Robert and his new baby girl, and my honey Don :)
Miss Cheyanne being a Camera hog, lol.
Cheyanne showing off her New Twilight Bella Mittens I made her.

So we went to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with Dons family and these are the only photos I got!!! I can not believe that I never thought to pull the camera out with all the family around but this is it guys. I better get a yellow sticky to put on my forehead for Christmas :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merry Freaking Christmas

Here is my new theme for my blackberry bold. I would have to say it is right fitting for me since I really don't like all the pressure during the holidays. Have the ring tone to go with it also.
Maybe I should find a matching skin to go with this.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. I'm sure I won't be able to get around to doing this tomorrow so I'm doing it today.
Have and safe holiday all.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bella Mittens

I'm so happy to finally finish knitting these gloves. Cheyanne was very excited that these were in the Twilight movie and can't wait to wear them next week to school to show all her friends. Kids are so damn funny.
I have decided to make a pair for myself , but I am going to hold 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together to make them much bigger and softer. This pair was worked with 1 strand of worsted weight and they are kinda thin,but I had to do this because Cheyanne's hands are so small . If I would have made the gloves to the pattern specks she never would have been able to wear them.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of them..

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Alice Cullen Mittens

ok, So once again I'm late to the party but damn people the movie just came out 3 days ago and these have been on Raverly for like 2 months!!!!! There are alot more knit items that go along with the New Moon movie that you can find at Twilight Saga Fans Raverly group. Not sure if I will be making these but I would if I found this color yarn for sure.

My New Rabbit

We found this rabbit in our back yard the morning of my birthday, October 29th, 2009. That has to be a good luck charm if I have ever seen one :) We have been caring and loving the bunny and he has turned out to be a really cool pet. Very loving , playful and just a lot of fun.
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My Thanksgiving Theme

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My Blackberry Theme Today

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How To Make A Light Box

I have always intended to make a light box but just never got around to doing the research on how to make one until this morning when I was reading one of my RSS on my blackberry. The blog is http://lickmysticks.com/ She had a light box that she had made and a link with the instructions that I thought I would share with anyone that may read my blog and knit or take photos alot. To make your own Light Box go to http://pamelahelmephotography.com/2009/09/21/diy-light-box/

The above photo is not mine, but from Pamelahelmephotography.com

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bags and Stash

Two of my Jordana Paige bags. The red one was my first ever knitting bag purchase and then the pink one followed around a 1 1/2 later. Pretty pink :)
Here is a pic of all my stash. On the top is lace yarn, middle is sock and loose fiber for spinning and a spindle. No I don't know how to spin yet! and then there is all the acrylic and acrylic blend for kid projects. And all my knitting books
Here is my first ever Wollmeize yarn!! oh my gosh I can't even believe I have this. Story below of how I got this in my little hand..

This is my new Namaste Hermosa bag I purchased from

LAUGHLOVEnKNIT on Raverly ;)

We are chat buddies on Blackberry Messager 5.0 group that has been handed over to me to run and I can not tell how much fun we have talking all day and night.
Laughlovenknit also known as Megan was so sweet to sale me her new Hermosa bag that she didn't use because of the size, too big. Of coarse I was like I'll buy it if you want to sale. So we worked out a price and I sent my payment to her gladly. I was so excited to think I was getting my 3rd Namaste bag, that I could not stand it,I was very grateful to Megan for selling hers to me since I could not fork over the 75.00 they wanted for a new one.
I was all over the mail box waiting for my new bag .when I message Megan because I had not heard from her in a couple days she told me she was pretty sick . I told her not to worry about packing out the bag until she felt better and there was no hurry at all. Well when I got the bag Thursday I looked inside and there sat the Wollmeize :) I can't believe she was so sweet to part with it.. I never in a million years thought I would own Wollmeize. Its just so hard to get your hands on that I have pretty much have given up on getting any.
It is just amazing the wonderful people I have meet doing the Blackberry Messagner 5.0 group. I want to thank each and everyone for there part in making it such a wonderful,warm , kind place to be every day.
Happy knitting all..
Thank you Megan for such wonderful gifts. The bag is wonderful and the Wollmeize is to die for.. thinking I will make some gloves with it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Disaster

Hi all, This day started out being one to pamper myself by painting my nails a pretty new shade of pink that I found at Sally's beauty Salon yesterday while out shopping with a girlfriend and to dye my hair a dark brown that I also purchased at Sally's. Now to back up a minutes on this story, last week I dyed my hair with a box color from walmart that was a dark auburn and my hair turn red! and after a couple of washes it turned Texas longhorns orange. So I went to Sally's to ask a professional what to put on my hair to cover the red , I instructed the lady that I wanted a brown color or darker to make sure the red was covered up. She gave me a bottle of hair dye in the color Truffle saying this would get rid of the red. So today I got up and painted my nails and headed off to dye my hair with my honeys help. All the sudden the dye in the bottle turned purple and I got really worried but continued. After washing and drying my hair I about fell out! My hair was red and purple!!!!!!! i went outside and it was just a crazy ass color I had ever seen. I promptly called Sally's back and the girl said the color I used had a blue and red base and thats why my hair was purple and red..she said that if I could come in she would give me the dye to fix it, so off I went back to the store. After getting there and the sales lady showing me what I needed I told her I was not paying for the new dye since her store fucking me over by giving me the wrong dye. She called her store manager and I got the produce for free. there was no way I was paying for it after they have some dumb butt working there that doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.
Well I have re-dyed my hair and it still has a purple tint to it.... I had a friend come over and she said she really liked the color... I guess I will keep it for a couple weeks and try again to get it fixed. Im not the only person that has gone into that store and had bad info given to them by this lady. I thought if you worked in one of those stores you had to have some kind of knowledge of hair color.. guess not.
You know if I would have stopped and thought about it when I read the bottle, blue and red make PURPLE.. lol
What a crazy day is all I can say..
Well at least my nails are a pretty pink :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Were has the time gone

So I have not posted in a while. lots of happened in this month of October. First being I had a great birthday with my family and they really know how to make a girl feel old, lol. We went to dinning and My honey told me I could pick my own gift which I just did today. It takes me forever to decided what I need or want. So I decided on a Acer Netbook in pink :) Don has been using my laptop alot more with his new job when he comes home to work so I thought this would be a great way for me to have something for me that fits in my knitting bag too :) heeeeeee..

The best thing ever happened while chatting with one of my friends on blackberry messenger Raverly group. I scored a Namaste Hermosa bag in black from her. We were talking about knitting bags and she told me she had bought Hermosa bag and never used it!! So of coarse I had to ask if she wanted to sale it, right? she gave me a price I could not refuse and it should be here by the end of the week. It seems I have a new love for Namaste seeing how I have bought 3 in little over a month. They really are built well and just work for me.

In knitting news I have not picking up my needles in a couple weeks since finishing my UT hat.. which I never wore at the game! The plan today is to work on cheyannes Twilight gloves again. I really want to get these finished for her so I can start on mine.

On the Weight loss front it is going slow. I have been off plan for about 2 weeks now and not really gained any weight just have stayed were I'm at for the most part. We got the treadmill and the weight gym set up in the garage with a tv with cable so I am all set to start working out again :)

I do hope everyone is doing well and that life is treating you great..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

LongHorn Victory Today against OU

Redriver Shootout Victory
We won the game today against OU :) I am a very happy person ..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Texas LongHorns Game day Hat

I finished my Texas Longhorns game day hat :) I can't wait till the game tomorrow !!! Hook em Horns..
I used a pattern from Raverly called Ohio State Superfan hat and it went really quick. The yarn is crappy acrylic since that is all I could find in the burnt orange for the UT color. I so need to learn how to dye yarn already..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Mail Man Delivery Today

Can you believe how pretty my new Namaste Malibu bag is!!!! It came today and I just feel in love with it from first touch. It is big and room and soft and squishy. Look at it next to my Zuma... I love both these bags so much that I just might get another bag..lol.. I think Namaste has a new bag whore on their hands peps..

Someone asked wanted to know about the Zuma here on my blog and so I will do a little feed back on it since I have been using it for almost a week. It is perfect for a light go anywere bag. I have my wallet,camera,Itouch,notepad,knitting bag with all my have to have items and 2 knitting projects in it. The knitting projects are a pair of socks and a pair of mittens. There is plenty more room in the bag,but the point of me buying this was to cut down on clutter and to have a light bag to run around town with.

After I use the Malibu for a week or so I will do another review :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mail Man Delivery Today

Look what I just got in the mail :) Its my new Namaste Zuma bag. I'm so excited. Can't wait to fill it up with my yarny goodness .

Exciting Day

Have to say Happy Fall to everyone first ;) this is my favorite month out of the whole year because it is cooling off , the leafs are changing and Halloween is coming up fast. Oh, and my birthday is coming on the 29th. So strange that I am going to be 41 in a couple of weeks. Anywho on with all the news.
Yesterday I got out and ran around town since I am 100% over being sick and just had to get out of this house. I went to the mall looking for a orange skin for my blackberry which none of the stores had. Then I went to Red Lobster with my honey for lunch. Had the Salmon which was
great. Then I went to Barns & Nobles to check out some books and ended up getting the new issue of Interweave knits , 2010 Hello Kitty Calendar and the book Dark Visions . Then I was off to my LNS to look at yarn. I ended up with 4 skiens of sock yarn and wanted whole lot more but money, money, money.. what a great day I had just being out and about in the world.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This is my fire place . Not much going on here just some fall candles and leafs.

The Living room table with its little piece of fall and the laptop of coarse.
A close up of the Liquor jar with a candle in it, lol. Thought it would take me back to the days of being in Louisiana.
Here is my Dinning room table. How do you like the mason jars I used as candle holders :)

I try and do this on all the holidays because its just fun. I do the two tables because it just is the 2 places we spend the most time and its the first thing you see when you come into the house.

Happy Fall Everyone :)