Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oklahoma Weather

So on Saturday it snowed all day !!! It was almost impossable for me to get my car out of the parking lot because of all the snow in front of it. It was not a fun ride home with all the crazies out there trying to run me off the road. I think we got 4 inches of snow, which was really nice if I was at home in my pj's knitting all day.

These pictures were taken on Thursday at Utica Square .. 2 days can really make a difference in weather in Oklahoma. Hard to believe that earlier in the week the weather was in the 70's and then by Saturday it was snowing!! That's Oklahoma for ya.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yarn buying spree

Here is my Robin's Egg scarf. The pattern I modified a little but it is from Loops here in Tulsa and its called the Wasabi scarf. I re-named mine because the colors remind me of a Robin's egg with some purple in it :)
This is the yarn im using for the scarf. Don't know the name right off hand but I will post it later.

Here is the stuff I bought just because I never get time to do this and just because. There are 5 skiens of Tempted hand painted sock yarn there and a mix of others which I can't remeber besides the Lousie Harding on the botton and the ribbon yarn on the top. It was alot of fun to just buy,but I think I am done for a while untill I knit this stuff up. I really don't like over flow in my craft room.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy pick a boo cat

My silly cat loves this rug and thinks he is hiding when he gets under Then he sleeps under it.. I just don't get it,but I guess he does.

Great Customer Service

I had decided last Friday to go over to the Loopy Ewe online and check out some yarn. Well I found some Trekking #1000 and Panda Cotton in Strawberrys and lime that i really wanted , so I sat down and created an account and purchases the items. To my surprize I received the package Monday! Very fast service. When I opened the package I found a hand written note from Sherrie thanking me for my order and thanking me for choosing her website to purchase from since there are so many out there. I thought I was going to start crying reading the note. It was the warmest feeling knowing that my little purchase was valued and appreciated by the Loopy Ewe. From now on I will be buying alot of my yarn there. What wonderful customer service and a great personal touch. I did have write her a little email saying how much she made me feel vauled as a customer. In the above pictures are the yarns that I bought. You can find your website at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blackberry Blue's Clue's

How freaking adorable is this theme! I had to have it so this is what I am using on my phone now. You can get it at and its free :)
Also yesterday I went to Weatherbug and was able to download the application for free. It's not the full version,but it gives me real time updates of the weather and the sweet little icon on my phone.. enjoy all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wanted to post something because it has been a while since I have done that. First of all I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers for my girlfriend that had breast surgery. She came out of surgery well and now is going threw the cemo. Its really a trying time for her and its really hard for us to talk about it, but I know that she will be strong and make it.
On the knitting front I have almost managed to finish 2 pairs of socks for Don,but it has been slow going since my hand with the carpel tunnel really starts to hurt after just a short while of knitting or typing. I really am hoping that I don't have to have surgery on it,but it is getting where I can't do much with it.
The new job is going well. I am on the floor as of last week taking calls in what they call transition training. This will last for 7 or 8 weeks before I spend everyday for 8 hours on the phones. There is a upside to all this. When me and 3 others came out of the class room training we were put on a totally diffrent team than the other 15 people in our group. The reason being we have been told is because we showed skills of being management and we are under a coach that only trains people as leads and managers :) so that means if I do really well in Transition training I could come out and be a manager and be off the phones :) that freaking rocks!!!!!!!! Im so happy I am doing this job, It truley is a passtion I have always had after working for U.S. Cellular for almost 5 years ..
The Theme I have posted above was made by I have been subscribing to her themes club for almost 3 months now and I have some ausome themes she has rolled out. One of the reasons I picked her theme club is because she makes Hello Kitty themes and you all know that makes me very happy :) and she is very kind in answering any questions I may have in regards to the themes.
I wanted to touch base with all my readers and friends in regards to my MIA.. It seems I never have time for friends or myself these days because of my wierd work schedule and family.. I guess I just don't balance it all well and I neglect the people around me which I am very sorry for.. love my friends but life seems to come first..
Hope everone has a great week.