Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great Customer Service

I had decided last Friday to go over to the Loopy Ewe online and check out some yarn. Well I found some Trekking #1000 and Panda Cotton in Strawberrys and lime that i really wanted , so I sat down and created an account and purchases the items. To my surprize I received the package Monday! Very fast service. When I opened the package I found a hand written note from Sherrie thanking me for my order and thanking me for choosing her website to purchase from since there are so many out there. I thought I was going to start crying reading the note. It was the warmest feeling knowing that my little purchase was valued and appreciated by the Loopy Ewe. From now on I will be buying alot of my yarn there. What wonderful customer service and a great personal touch. I did have write her a little email saying how much she made me feel vauled as a customer. In the above pictures are the yarns that I bought. You can find your website at

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