Thursday, June 26, 2008

All kinda stuff

First off these are pictures that were taken a couple weeks ago for my sons 17th birthday.. He is the one with the shades. The top pic is my man and my son .
Blake and MOM :)

And Here is me and my baby, this is a rare event that you will see pics of me on my own blog since I hate taking them. Its that whole getting older and fatter thing that I just can't seem to get over..
On the home front things have been crazy this week. My better half has been to the ER twice and once again today.. They ran test and found out he has Diverticulitis . They first thought that his apendexs was bad but thank god it was not that. He is home now on alot of medication and won't be able to go back to work for at least 3 days!..Boy let me tell you I have alot of bad things to say about Saint Francis Hosptial ER right now,but I will save you all the bitching.. Let's just say that they make people wait in thier ER for 8 or 9 hours!
I am still working on my Clapotis in the Lets knit 2 gether KAL on raverly , seems like it is taking me alot longer to finish this than I thought it would take,but I really enjoy the pattern and I can't wait to make another soon. I am hoping I will have it done before we leave for our vacation on July 3rd, that way I can start one with sock yarn and I can just shove it in my bag. I guess I need to figure out what projects I am going to take with me on vacation too.. I will have to sit down and thing about that one for a while. Going on vacation is like a dream come true since we have not taken one in over 5 years. Seems like something always came up and we never could get away. Not really sure were we are headed yet except to Missouri for a couple days of camping for the 4th of July ,but I am sure we will figure it out :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Here!!!

My Jordana Paige pink satchel was waiting for me when I got home from work this afternoon!! It is so amazing and very PINK , just the way I like it. I have my knit night at Penera and you can beat I will be showing it off to the world. I took a couple of quick pics of it right when I pulled it out of the box, just don't look at the ugly courtains that are in the spare

Friday, June 13, 2008

Playing With New Camera

Here is me at work fixing to eat Mr. Patrick the donut from a local baker that was dumb enough to bring us 6 dozen donuts and ask us to pass them around the call center...HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. I don't think they made it :)
This picture was taken Tuesday night at the Maggie Sefton book signing which was wonderful. On the left is Kat from my Wednesday night Penera knit night and on the right is the Rock Star of Yarn Miss Stacey from Tempted Yarns here in our very own Oklahoma :) ... I was feeling poorly that night so no pics of me to show,but I had a great time and learned that Knitters are so sweet and friendly. A shout out to all the Lady's in my knit group that I have not seen that much of lately, but hope that will change very,very soon...

My Jordana Paige bag is still not here :( The UPS tracking says I should have it next week no later than Thursday. I will have to wait and see or die trying.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pretty in Pink camera

Look at what I was able to get last night :) The story goes like this. I bought my first digital camera 5 1/2 years ago right before Don and I went on a trip to Las Vegas and it was a really good camera for the time. It was a Kodak Easy Share CX3400 with 3.2 mega pixels.. I know, I know you can stop laughing now. Well as time has gone on and I take allot more pictures I really started to hate the camera because the pictures just sucked ass to put it in my own words. So I have been begging for a new camera and of coarse it had to be PINK. As you can see it is pink and I am still trying to learn how to use the thing, plus it didn't come with a memory card!!!! as in the picture above I got the bundle pack which you would think I would have everything I needed to get started.. nope.. of coarse I really can't figure out how to use the memory stick with the camera??? I am more than happy with this new little toy and it came at a great time because my PINK Jordana Paige bag has not arrived yet and I said I would have a PINK camera to put in the PINK bag :).. boy I am spoiled or just a
I went last night to see a friend that was my supervisor at work and had the best time.. MISS Linda is a great woman and I am very proud to know her. She has a awesome house in the woods that is just amazing to see, and the quit is like no other. I could sit on her front porch all day long knitting if I had to. Of coarse I don't see me doing to much knitting outside in this nasty heat here in Oklahoma.. yuck.
I am in the group Lets Knit Together on Raverly and I am doing the Clapotis KAL and I have to say this will be the first KAL I will complete. I am really have allot of fun with it and will be making another one . I am making this test run Clapotis out of Caron simply soft light pink and I did this just to make sure I could make this thing and if It is something I will wear. If all goes well I will give this one to the little monster in the house and make my self one out of some Alpaca sock yarn I have. wish me luck :)
The new job has been a little stressful this last week since I have had to write up 2 people on my night shift and 1 quit already. It's just a mess right now because the old supervisor did not supervise, he just came to work and sat like a lump on a log.. so now they think they can still play... wrong answer with me. Being a bitch is not part of being a supervisor but I swear they are pushing all the right buttons to make me be that way. The person that quit went into the computer system got into my schedule file and modified it and posted it for everyone to see!!!!! I just could not believe he had the balls to change the work schedule and then post it! making an ass out of me, I think not buddy.. anyway he is gone and I can start looking for a replacement right away. Besides all that I really do like having more responsibility and giving direction to the lost little sheep'
My baby boy will be 17 Tomorrow!!!! June 10th.... it is so hard to believe that I am that old.. Love you Son... Happy Birthday....

I am off for the next 2 days so I will be cleaning and washing clothes today and tomorrow I finally have my docters appointment for my high blood pressure, I still can't believe it took me 4 months to get an appointment . Thats what you get when you go thrue the Indian clinics and hospitals here in Oklahoma, the run around because it is all free.. live and learn.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Glitter Words

Hard to believe that I have been keeping up with this blog for a whole year! There are have been times that It was very hard to even find anything to post about and other times there was just to much work to be done at work or home. But I do have to say that I am very glad that I have managed to keep it going. :)

Here is Miss Elizabeth with the Prayer Shawl I gave her yesterday! She almost started crying when I gave her the gift bag that held the shawl. A little story behind Miss Elizabeth, we meet of coarse at work some 6 months ago. She would come in with a scarf around her head because she was having cemo for her breast cancer. She reminds me of my grandma and we just became fast chatty buddys. She had a breast removed before Christmas and thought the worst was over,then about 3 weeks ago she found out that she has a brain tumor and they are doing surgery to remove it in 2 weeks. I was just so devastated by this that I had to do something to show I cared and that I was thinking of her. Then I thought of making that shawl, I know its not much but I do hope it gives her some comfort before and after the surgery. Love ya Elizabeth...

I am still waiting for my Jordana Paige Pink satchel to get here........I am like a little kid just wishing and wishing for my grand present to show You know I was looking at my blog and I bought my first J.P red satchel last July when me and Stacey from Tempted yarns went to Fort Smith to StringTown yarn and fiber shop. How crazy is that!! a satchel 1 time a year sounds good to Stringtown Yarn and Fiber Shop is amazing shop. It is a great old building that is just open and very friendly. If you are in Fort Smith you should stop by.

Well, I have joined a KAL in Raverly the Lets Knit together group to do a Clapotis. I went and bought some really cheap yarn just to give it a try first then if I really like what I have made I will invest a little more money on good yarn. I have learned that me doing KAL or anything of that nature seems to get put on the back burner and never done,so this time I spent about 20.00 for the yarn and if I don't use it for the Clapotis I will give it to the little she monster running around my house to crochet with... Have a great day :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer Shawl

I started this Prayer Shawl last Saterday at work for a co-worker that is having brain surgery in a couple weeks and this is the only thing I could think of that I could do to let her know that I really hope she recovers well and that cancer is not part of the mass they remove. I am hoping that this will bring her comfort when she is not feeling well in the days to come. I will let you know how she likes it..
I used 3 skeins of Lionbrand Homespun on size 13 needles..