Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So like I mentioned in the last post, I really am trying to loss weight and get into shape. There are 10 pounds gone so far and I did the treadmill for a hour lastnight! I have not been on this thing in over a year so I am guessing I did pretty good. In doing all of this I have to keep focus of the fact that I am doing this to feel and look better. The meds for my bloodpressure have really worked so now its my turn to get my work outs done. Weight watcher is in my furture since I know I need meetings to keep motivated and to be around others that are working hard to over come the fat to. Lossing 2 pounds a week will be great, but I am keeping an open mind to all this, I'm not going to pressure myself into falure so soon in the game. I hope to post once a week to keep my self accountable. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Babys and such

This is what I have been working on for most of the week at work. This is a baby blanket I was going to have this finished about 6 or 7 months , I just started it ,talk about not wanting to do this.Don't get me wrong I love baby's but it was the whole Idea of making the blanket it's self, the colors she wanted and what pattern I was going to use. I ended up using a pattern for a regular afghan and just halfed so it would be alot smaller. It's called Very Victorian and is crochet. I have not touched a crochet hook in over 2 years now since learning how to knit,but I have to say this is alot of fun but can't wait till it is over. The colors are light blue and light green, not my chose but the babys momma..lol..
Here is my little Pretty in Pink Blackberry :) she makes me so very happy that I have to take pics of her to show all you Hello kitty fans out there in blogger land . The theme I have on my BB is from http://www.themes4bb.com/ and they have quit a few Hello kittys and other things to bling up your BB, so go check it out.
Every since I got this little piece of joy I have really learned alot about everything it can do. Some of my favorite places to visit for more information are http://www.crackberry.com/ , http://www.themes4bb.com/, http://www.blueroomsolutions.com/ . There is also the Blackberry.com site for any questions you may have ,but crackberry.com seems to really been the shit on technical issues and finding great themes to download to your phone.
I am still working on clue 1 of the MS4 and have to say I really love it! I should have more time this week to sit down and really get clue 1 finished.
Tell next time , keep on smiling peps..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Carrie Underwood and yarn

Last weekend was Labor day and we all went camping and floating at the Illinois River north of Tahlequah ,Oklahoma Well since this would be a busy river weekend me and a girlfriend decided to pick up some Marti Gra beads for the guys at the Doller Tree. Guess who was there looking smashing.. Carrie Underwood ! she went to school there and was trying to buy a baby gift for her friend ..lol.. I about fell out when I saw her., man is she pretty. No autograph or pictures because we didn't want to be rude and just rush her and be all crazy or anything, so all I have is the memory of seeing her up close and personal.. :) we did learn that she was there for the baby shower and for a free concert in Tahlequah for the festival . Now people Carrie tried to go to the Wal-mart right next door to the Dollor tree but it got really crazy and she had to be taken out to the building, so this is the reason she was at the Dollor tree..
Here is the Knitpicks Lace Gloss in Raisian I am using for the MS4, not a great pic but it will have to hold ya over till I take more ..

What have I been up too?

Above would be 2 weekends ago at Don's 40th birthday party.. He had a blast
Here is the Cake I had made for him. I call him my Superman because he can do anything,so I had it made with green for criptanight and black for turning 40..lol
This is the Rowan Kidsilk and beads I am using for my Ice Queen from knitty that is going very slowly at this point. I think I should have learned to do magic loop before trying this :)
And here is my New baby :) my Crackberry.. I am so addicted to this thing that I hold it in my hand 24/7, no joke. I don't know how in the world I lived without it. I found a wonderfull website called Crackberry.com that has really showed me how to use all the applications and functions on this phone. It has great forums for themes and technical questions and just is down right fun. I spend alot of time of the website and hope that one day I will be a Crackberry exspert :)
There is so much to update everyone on so I will just touch on a few. I am doing the MS4 which the first clue came out yesterday and i will start that today, I am using Knitpicks lace gloss in Raisins and some wonderfull beads I got here in Broken Arrow. I will post picks later.
on the Knitting front I am working on the Ice Queen which is really giving me a time since I have never done magic loop, I am still working on the Clapotis and of coarse the MS4.. I have decided that after all these little projects are over I want to make the central park hoodie :) I have never done anything this big and I am sure I will neeed more help than I now, but we all have to start somewere..
I have been doing Weight Watchers all week and hope to pay my dues maybe today and will be able to go to meetings and have access to the online tools. I just can't stand not being the skinny girl anymore and I am doing something about it. Don and I are starting the gym next week so I am sure in a matter of 6 months I will be doing well with the getting in shape and lossing the old lady body.
Till next time, be safe and happy knitting :)