Friday, October 31, 2008

The engagment

Here are the Pics of the ring and of us right after he proposed at the resturant..I look like a big sumo wrestler but I have been lossing weight so don't give up on me yet. Got to run. I post more details when I get a free minute.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yarn shopping

I decided after work today to head over to the my LNS and do some early birthday shopping for myself. Boy did I have a time trying not to pick up everything I saw today. I really wanted some Karabella Gossamer but at 25.00 a ball that was just a little to much for me. Maybe someone that really loves me will pick up my wish list at Stitches in Tulsa to pick out 2 balls of these lovely yarn :)
I did buy the pattern for the Triangular shawl for the Gossamer yarn today in hopes my dear boyfriend will pick out the 2 balls for me next week :) .. Do you think he will get the hint after reading this
Not alot going on here, just trying to finish the baby blanket I have been working on and to finish a pair of socks I started for my honey. He come back home for good 2 days ago and I am really happy to have him back! It was really hard having him gone for 5 weeks, so I really hope that he will not have to go back out any time soon.. Speaking of which, he got the promotion to Field supervisior manager at Dish Network! I am so very proud of him. Poor thing had to do 4 interviews for this position and went out of market to work for 5 weeks . It will be alot of new work for him,but he will not do installations anymore and will have more time at home :)
My weight loss is still going and I am down almost 14 pounds. I have stalled because I am not working out and im just keeping off what I have lost..
Hope all my friends are doing well and are knitting hard.. Till next time all..