Thursday, February 28, 2008


I thought I would post a little something today since I felt like crap monday and tuesday my days off which I use to post and read alot of emails. I woke up last sat morning and noticed that it really hurt when I went pee., so I headed off to the docters on Monday morning and she told me that I have a really bad infection in my bladder and kidneys! Then the whammy was when my blood pressure was thrue the roof and they said I had to wait till June to see a docter for it! now, I have been feeling like crap for a long time, and I am pretty sure it is because my blood pressure is always high, do ya think I should have seen someone like that same day!!! da... so anyway, they took 5 vials of blood and will call me back to let me know what is up with the blood work and if there are any problems. I so hate going thrue all this,but I guess it is my own fault for not going to a docter in like almost 8 years.. I will keep you updated on what happens.. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Belated Valentines post

Thought I would post since I had a few minutes in the day. I had a great Valentines day with my man. He got me my favorite thing in the world Jewerly from Brighton. I love silver and have always loved silver and can't get enought of it. This braclet has two sides on the charms so that it has no empty side so that you can enjoy the sweet little saying and designs.

I went today and got my nails done at the only nail salon in our little town today. This is the first time that I have ever been there and it was really cheap! 15.00 for a fill.. I don't know if I will go there again because it was really cold in there and there was only 1 person working,but she was very nice and it is right around the corner from our house. I am still on my diet and planned to post a weight in today but the evil period monster has visited and I probley have 5 pounds of water weight on me right now.yuck!!... but I am pretty sure I have lost more weight since my waste line seems to be going down :) my last surprize of the week has been my honey getting me a new laptop .The reason behind this is because my youngest son Blake had spent a weekend with us a couple weeks ago and was on my home computer doing the whole myspace thing, well something happend and my computer got all screwed up and had a bad virus. We tired to get the hard drive to reformatte but nothing worked. so I came home Saturday and had a new laptop!! I love it so much. It has a much bigger hard drive and memory with alot of cool fitures like a build in webcam and microphone.I would take a pic but I am on it right
My knitting has stalled right now because I am still reading alot for some strang reason. I guess I need to knit,read and blog all at the same time. :) Hope everyone has a great week and I will post soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valintines Day

Happy Valintines Day to all the bloggers out there and to all my close friends! I will post later what I recieved today :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weight in day

Since I put up the weight loss tracker on my blog last monday 2/4/07 , I have decided that my weight in day will be every Tuesday from here on out and it will be made public right here for all of you to see. When I weight today I have lost 4 whole pounds!!!!!!!!!! I so can't believe it, but I really can because I have really been watching what I eat. The only down side is I have not been walking like I said I would since work has been so crazy this week,but the buck stops there.This coming week I will be walking for at least 30 minutes and see how that ups the weight loss.... I am so excited and proud of myself I can hardly stand it..:)

Robin's Maliababy

Here are some new pics I took today of my new Malibaby after having her windows tinted, doesn't she look smoking! I so think so. I am so in love with this car,I would highly suggest if you are looking into a new car to look at this 2008 Malibu from Chevy.The safty ratings are great and the gas milage is good to, and you all know that I drive a long way every day to go to work. The next pic is a full rainbow that I took a pic of last week, this is when I wish I had a better camera. My camera is only a 3.2 pixal and about 5 years old, they don't even sale camera this low
I was able to cruz to Tulsas Woodland Hills mall yesterday and went into the Apple store for the first time, oh my god I wanted to just live there. I have never touched a Apple computer before and after seeing what they had in the store I am really thinking of getting one. The sales man told us that Apples doen't get viruses like window based computers do, I was floored by this and I am always getting viruses and my system crashes. Having a pc with no worries of viruses or having to instal viruse pertection would be fantastic to me. So you may see pics of a new Apple home pc right here on my blog at income tax time..:)
Hope everyone is doing well and staying very warm and dry.. till next time yall...:)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Here is what i am reading right now while i am at work.i have not picked up my knitting in a week because of this book. I love reading and knitting i just need to learn to do both at the same time. I like audio books but nothing matches reading a good book. What are you reading out there in blog land? Would love to hear from ya!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Got my nails done.

Ok, so this is not a big deal to most woman, but I have not had my nails done in almost a year!!!! I could not bring myself to spend the money when we really didn't have it. But my loving man took me last monday to get a set of nails and I picked black as my He loved them and the nail tech lady thought I was crazy as hell when I asked to have pink hearts put on the black and she would not do it!!! she said they do not do nail design, what kind of crap is that!!!! I was pretty upset since I love pink and black and I had not had my nails done in so long..grrr.. of coarse I had this done inside a wal-mart because we were having the windows tinted in the new car and it was in walking distance . Next time I will be going to my old nail salon.. anyway I thought I would share this will all my blog friends :)

The time has come

Well the time has come for me to get down and dirty with this weight loss business. I have been monitoring my food intake, K-cal, fat and fiber in the hopes of dropping this extra 25 pounds. I don't have my treadmill anymore since it is still in Broken Arrow at a girlfriends house and I have no truck to drive it 50 miles to my house..but I do have a plan to walk in the mornings at work inside the building when noone is there. This place is really big and open so I will take advantage of it. I also bought some Alli and hope that with the simi weight watchers I am doing and this it will help get the weight off before summer. I went all last year without wearing shorts!!!!!. I don't plan on doing that again. I put a weight tracker on my blog face so that I have to be accountable for this to all :) so wish me luck.
On the knitting front, I got suckerd once more to knit for a co-worker... She came by my desk saterday and handed me 40.00 and said can you please make me a baby blanket for my son, the look on her face was priceless, then I look down and there is this sweet little boy asleep...I could not say no,so I am on the hunt for a great easy pattern with no gauge., ya right... anyway I will look today and see what I find I really like, plus I had looked at Hobby Lobby for yarn and I could not find anything I liked or in the colors she wanted. She wants light blue and light green varigated yarn.. Don't think I will be able to find it but i will try..
Here is the Alpace sock yarn blue and pink of coarse, I bought about a month ago and just now am able to show you. And of coarse my cat, Cowboy hand to rub all over it while I click the I had planned on making some finerless gloves but at this point who knows what it will become. Have a great week everyone..