Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Robin's Maliababy

Here are some new pics I took today of my new Malibaby after having her windows tinted, doesn't she look smoking! I so think so. I am so in love with this car,I would highly suggest if you are looking into a new car to look at this 2008 Malibu from Chevy.The safty ratings are great and the gas milage is good to, and you all know that I drive a long way every day to go to work. The next pic is a full rainbow that I took a pic of last week, this is when I wish I had a better camera. My camera is only a 3.2 pixal and about 5 years old, they don't even sale camera this low anymore..lol..
I was able to cruz to Tulsas Woodland Hills mall yesterday and went into the Apple store for the first time, oh my god I wanted to just live there. I have never touched a Apple computer before and after seeing what they had in the store I am really thinking of getting one. The sales man told us that Apples doen't get viruses like window based computers do, I was floored by this and I am always getting viruses and my system crashes. Having a pc with no worries of viruses or having to instal viruse pertection would be fantastic to me. So you may see pics of a new Apple home pc right here on my blog at income tax time..:)
Hope everyone is doing well and staying very warm and dry.. till next time yall...:)

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Bobbisox said...

Robin, I bought my new Apple (-Mac the day after Thanksgiving; it was on sale for $1099, and it included the Leopard system which at that time would normally cost a bit more for the upgrade. It is so awesome, mine has a 22 inch screen, I think, and the keyboard is kind of like having a CPU, it works together. Yes, I got mine after I put this laptop into the Geek Squad, and the idea of not getting viruses made me want it and I KNEW I didn't want that Vista program on a new Windows computer.