Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merry Freaking Christmas

Here is my new theme for my blackberry bold. I would have to say it is right fitting for me since I really don't like all the pressure during the holidays. Have the ring tone to go with it also.
Maybe I should find a matching skin to go with this.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. I'm sure I won't be able to get around to doing this tomorrow so I'm doing it today.
Have and safe holiday all.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bella Mittens

I'm so happy to finally finish knitting these gloves. Cheyanne was very excited that these were in the Twilight movie and can't wait to wear them next week to school to show all her friends. Kids are so damn funny.
I have decided to make a pair for myself , but I am going to hold 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together to make them much bigger and softer. This pair was worked with 1 strand of worsted weight and they are kinda thin,but I had to do this because Cheyanne's hands are so small . If I would have made the gloves to the pattern specks she never would have been able to wear them.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of them..

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Alice Cullen Mittens

ok, So once again I'm late to the party but damn people the movie just came out 3 days ago and these have been on Raverly for like 2 months!!!!! There are alot more knit items that go along with the New Moon movie that you can find at Twilight Saga Fans Raverly group. Not sure if I will be making these but I would if I found this color yarn for sure.

My New Rabbit

We found this rabbit in our back yard the morning of my birthday, October 29th, 2009. That has to be a good luck charm if I have ever seen one :) We have been caring and loving the bunny and he has turned out to be a really cool pet. Very loving , playful and just a lot of fun.
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My Thanksgiving Theme

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My Blackberry Theme Today

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How To Make A Light Box

I have always intended to make a light box but just never got around to doing the research on how to make one until this morning when I was reading one of my RSS on my blackberry. The blog is She had a light box that she had made and a link with the instructions that I thought I would share with anyone that may read my blog and knit or take photos alot. To make your own Light Box go to

The above photo is not mine, but from

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bags and Stash

Two of my Jordana Paige bags. The red one was my first ever knitting bag purchase and then the pink one followed around a 1 1/2 later. Pretty pink :)
Here is a pic of all my stash. On the top is lace yarn, middle is sock and loose fiber for spinning and a spindle. No I don't know how to spin yet! and then there is all the acrylic and acrylic blend for kid projects. And all my knitting books
Here is my first ever Wollmeize yarn!! oh my gosh I can't even believe I have this. Story below of how I got this in my little hand..

This is my new Namaste Hermosa bag I purchased from

LAUGHLOVEnKNIT on Raverly ;)

We are chat buddies on Blackberry Messager 5.0 group that has been handed over to me to run and I can not tell how much fun we have talking all day and night.
Laughlovenknit also known as Megan was so sweet to sale me her new Hermosa bag that she didn't use because of the size, too big. Of coarse I was like I'll buy it if you want to sale. So we worked out a price and I sent my payment to her gladly. I was so excited to think I was getting my 3rd Namaste bag, that I could not stand it,I was very grateful to Megan for selling hers to me since I could not fork over the 75.00 they wanted for a new one.
I was all over the mail box waiting for my new bag .when I message Megan because I had not heard from her in a couple days she told me she was pretty sick . I told her not to worry about packing out the bag until she felt better and there was no hurry at all. Well when I got the bag Thursday I looked inside and there sat the Wollmeize :) I can't believe she was so sweet to part with it.. I never in a million years thought I would own Wollmeize. Its just so hard to get your hands on that I have pretty much have given up on getting any.
It is just amazing the wonderful people I have meet doing the Blackberry Messagner 5.0 group. I want to thank each and everyone for there part in making it such a wonderful,warm , kind place to be every day.
Happy knitting all..
Thank you Megan for such wonderful gifts. The bag is wonderful and the Wollmeize is to die for.. thinking I will make some gloves with it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Disaster

Hi all, This day started out being one to pamper myself by painting my nails a pretty new shade of pink that I found at Sally's beauty Salon yesterday while out shopping with a girlfriend and to dye my hair a dark brown that I also purchased at Sally's. Now to back up a minutes on this story, last week I dyed my hair with a box color from walmart that was a dark auburn and my hair turn red! and after a couple of washes it turned Texas longhorns orange. So I went to Sally's to ask a professional what to put on my hair to cover the red , I instructed the lady that I wanted a brown color or darker to make sure the red was covered up. She gave me a bottle of hair dye in the color Truffle saying this would get rid of the red. So today I got up and painted my nails and headed off to dye my hair with my honeys help. All the sudden the dye in the bottle turned purple and I got really worried but continued. After washing and drying my hair I about fell out! My hair was red and purple!!!!!!! i went outside and it was just a crazy ass color I had ever seen. I promptly called Sally's back and the girl said the color I used had a blue and red base and thats why my hair was purple and red..she said that if I could come in she would give me the dye to fix it, so off I went back to the store. After getting there and the sales lady showing me what I needed I told her I was not paying for the new dye since her store fucking me over by giving me the wrong dye. She called her store manager and I got the produce for free. there was no way I was paying for it after they have some dumb butt working there that doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.
Well I have re-dyed my hair and it still has a purple tint to it.... I had a friend come over and she said she really liked the color... I guess I will keep it for a couple weeks and try again to get it fixed. Im not the only person that has gone into that store and had bad info given to them by this lady. I thought if you worked in one of those stores you had to have some kind of knowledge of hair color.. guess not.
You know if I would have stopped and thought about it when I read the bottle, blue and red make PURPLE.. lol
What a crazy day is all I can say..
Well at least my nails are a pretty pink :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Were has the time gone

So I have not posted in a while. lots of happened in this month of October. First being I had a great birthday with my family and they really know how to make a girl feel old, lol. We went to dinning and My honey told me I could pick my own gift which I just did today. It takes me forever to decided what I need or want. So I decided on a Acer Netbook in pink :) Don has been using my laptop alot more with his new job when he comes home to work so I thought this would be a great way for me to have something for me that fits in my knitting bag too :) heeeeeee..

The best thing ever happened while chatting with one of my friends on blackberry messenger Raverly group. I scored a Namaste Hermosa bag in black from her. We were talking about knitting bags and she told me she had bought Hermosa bag and never used it!! So of coarse I had to ask if she wanted to sale it, right? she gave me a price I could not refuse and it should be here by the end of the week. It seems I have a new love for Namaste seeing how I have bought 3 in little over a month. They really are built well and just work for me.

In knitting news I have not picking up my needles in a couple weeks since finishing my UT hat.. which I never wore at the game! The plan today is to work on cheyannes Twilight gloves again. I really want to get these finished for her so I can start on mine.

On the Weight loss front it is going slow. I have been off plan for about 2 weeks now and not really gained any weight just have stayed were I'm at for the most part. We got the treadmill and the weight gym set up in the garage with a tv with cable so I am all set to start working out again :)

I do hope everyone is doing well and that life is treating you great..