Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Disaster

Hi all, This day started out being one to pamper myself by painting my nails a pretty new shade of pink that I found at Sally's beauty Salon yesterday while out shopping with a girlfriend and to dye my hair a dark brown that I also purchased at Sally's. Now to back up a minutes on this story, last week I dyed my hair with a box color from walmart that was a dark auburn and my hair turn red! and after a couple of washes it turned Texas longhorns orange. So I went to Sally's to ask a professional what to put on my hair to cover the red , I instructed the lady that I wanted a brown color or darker to make sure the red was covered up. She gave me a bottle of hair dye in the color Truffle saying this would get rid of the red. So today I got up and painted my nails and headed off to dye my hair with my honeys help. All the sudden the dye in the bottle turned purple and I got really worried but continued. After washing and drying my hair I about fell out! My hair was red and purple!!!!!!! i went outside and it was just a crazy ass color I had ever seen. I promptly called Sally's back and the girl said the color I used had a blue and red base and thats why my hair was purple and red..she said that if I could come in she would give me the dye to fix it, so off I went back to the store. After getting there and the sales lady showing me what I needed I told her I was not paying for the new dye since her store fucking me over by giving me the wrong dye. She called her store manager and I got the produce for free. there was no way I was paying for it after they have some dumb butt working there that doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.
Well I have re-dyed my hair and it still has a purple tint to it.... I had a friend come over and she said she really liked the color... I guess I will keep it for a couple weeks and try again to get it fixed. Im not the only person that has gone into that store and had bad info given to them by this lady. I thought if you worked in one of those stores you had to have some kind of knowledge of hair color.. guess not.
You know if I would have stopped and thought about it when I read the bottle, blue and red make PURPLE.. lol
What a crazy day is all I can say..
Well at least my nails are a pretty pink :)

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