Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bags and Stash

Two of my Jordana Paige bags. The red one was my first ever knitting bag purchase and then the pink one followed around a 1 1/2 later. Pretty pink :)
Here is a pic of all my stash. On the top is lace yarn, middle is sock and loose fiber for spinning and a spindle. No I don't know how to spin yet! and then there is all the acrylic and acrylic blend for kid projects. And all my knitting books
Here is my first ever Wollmeize yarn!! oh my gosh I can't even believe I have this. Story below of how I got this in my little hand..

This is my new Namaste Hermosa bag I purchased from

LAUGHLOVEnKNIT on Raverly ;)

We are chat buddies on Blackberry Messager 5.0 group that has been handed over to me to run and I can not tell how much fun we have talking all day and night.
Laughlovenknit also known as Megan was so sweet to sale me her new Hermosa bag that she didn't use because of the size, too big. Of coarse I was like I'll buy it if you want to sale. So we worked out a price and I sent my payment to her gladly. I was so excited to think I was getting my 3rd Namaste bag, that I could not stand it,I was very grateful to Megan for selling hers to me since I could not fork over the 75.00 they wanted for a new one.
I was all over the mail box waiting for my new bag .when I message Megan because I had not heard from her in a couple days she told me she was pretty sick . I told her not to worry about packing out the bag until she felt better and there was no hurry at all. Well when I got the bag Thursday I looked inside and there sat the Wollmeize :) I can't believe she was so sweet to part with it.. I never in a million years thought I would own Wollmeize. Its just so hard to get your hands on that I have pretty much have given up on getting any.
It is just amazing the wonderful people I have meet doing the Blackberry Messagner 5.0 group. I want to thank each and everyone for there part in making it such a wonderful,warm , kind place to be every day.
Happy knitting all..
Thank you Megan for such wonderful gifts. The bag is wonderful and the Wollmeize is to die for.. thinking I will make some gloves with it.


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