Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Shawl close up

Here is my shawl pics finally. This took a little over a month to knit working on it when I could. I really like the yarn and have another full skein of it to make another one which I think I will do since it was alot of fun to work on. I used size 13 Addi circulars and a little less than 400 yards of this bulky yarn. I have the name of the yarn and pics on my Raverly page if you want to check it out. I am Prettyinpink there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finished Shawl

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Monday, May 18, 2009

so long to good friends

I had someone at work want to buy my blackberry Curve and I agreed. It will be going to its new home today and I am so freaking sad. Im really scared that something will happen to my new Bold and I will need a backup!! boy I hope nothing happens like that . Its silly but I really have enjoyed having my curve and the thought of not having it as a backup it scary.

On a happier note, I finally setup a Facebook page :) and to tell you the truth it has been really cool getting in touch with people I have not seen for a number of years. I spend more time on my computer or cellphone that I like to admit,but these are the times we live in right?

Not alot much going on around here but work and a little reading and knitting.. It seems like I never have to post like I want to but I will be posting some new pics this week of diffrent things ..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oprah wrote, and lost, her Michelle Obama essay on BlackBerry

Oprah Winfrey was working on a tribute to Michelle Obama for "The Time 100 feature in Time magazine. The feature highlights the world's most influential people, and Oprah was writing about her experiences at the Obama's house for dinner.

Being someone as busy and powerful as Oprah, she typed out the 200 word essay on her BlackBerry. At the Lincoln Center, she told the story in front of eavesdroppers and reporters.

"I was doing it on a BlackBerry," Oprah confessed. "No!" they gasped. "Yes!" she howled. "I'd been saving little notes on my BlackBerry. You know, I'd think of something and I'd put it on BlackBerry in the memo section," she explained. "And then I went to hit the wrong button and the whole thing deleted! I went to hit Save' and instead I hit Oh my God! Oh my God! It's gone!' That ever happened to you? And then you can't remember — not one sentence you wrote."

"I couldn't even think for two days," she said, sighing, weary at the memory. "I couldn't even, like, think of a sentence. I stared at the BlackBerry, then I hit every button trying to make it come back. I hit Options.' I did everything!"

Personally, I think someone like Oprah could use some speech to text software. That way, she save time and the text would be automatically emailed to her device, thus saving her from any data loss. If only celebrities had a BlackBerry consultant, this would never happy.

By the way, if Paris Hilton needs a BlackBerry consultant, I'm available. We can work out a "special" rate.

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