Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Christmas Time

Hi all, Been a couple months since I have even thought about my blog here and really its just has not been that important. We survived Thanksgiving with family in Missouri and even came back home on Thanksgiving day because Don had to work Black Friday. I have done no knitting since I have re-joined church life in early November of this year. God had really been pushing on my heart to go back to church and stop living the way of the world. I have never been so happy to get the weight of all the stress and stupid stuff off my chest. I know a lot of people have seen me and noticed the change, Don being one of those people. Living my life for God has transformed me and I don't see giving up the things of the world as a bad thing but they give me freedom .. My faith if your wondering is UPCI which is United Pentecostal Church . If you don't know anything about us, we are Holy Ghost filled, Baptisted in Jesus name , God loving people. Being a woman in the UPCI church we look different than most woman because we dress as woman. We do not wear men's clothes which would be pants , we don't wear makeup or cut our hair. All These things are instructed for us to do in the King James Bible. We are to be separate from the world and be Holy. I encourage you to read on the Doctrine of the UPCI . I feel joy all the time, and I have no cares because Jesus take care of them all.
There is nothing better than knowing your living your life the way our creator designed for us to live.
Yes I have changed, Yes what I blog about will be different from now on.. I'm not sure what this blog will turn into, but I hope to touch peoples life's with it .
On with the Holidays.. We are Planning on going to Missouri for Christmas , so I am hoping that we have no snow this year. Last year we were snowed in and could not get out of the house :) I hope everyone enjoys family and friends during Christmas and  remembers what its really about ...Stress this time of year is horrible with people trying to buy gifts for family and friends.. Personally me and Don only bought our daughter 1 gift this year and that was a Kindle Fire.The girl has everything she needs and we thought 1 gift would make her happy and keep us from over spending. We are spending 3 days with family,which she loves!! so thats another treat for her. We don't spend a ton of money on Christmas, it just does not make since too.. And our Daughter has learned that money is hard to come by and we should be thankful for what we have.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google eBookstore

Well after forever and fighting the tide, I downloaded Google Chrome since FireFox is really giving me issues. I have to say I like it a lot more than FireFox because I didn't realize that almost all the things I use are by Google. I really like the apps you get and you just click on them and your there. No more typing in URLS for simple everyday things I use all the time. I also downloaded Safari browers to try it out. It has not been getting much use since using Chrome, but I will get there.
Sorry for the lack of posts , but life has been pretty boring around here since I am not working. I just sit home all day and read or knit. No shopping since there is no extra money and no buying of blackberry themes. I finally also found the Google ebook store. I think it is great we have some many places to access books on the go!!! love it..

Google eBookstore:

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knitting Is Pissing Me Off

Ok, The above picture is of my attempt at the Make It Work Shawl by Leslie Thompson. This all started out fine and good until I had to add these extra 20 stitches and it all got weird. I have tried this twice to no success. See how my lace stitches are just hanging out in the wind . They are suppose to be attached to the body of the shawl SOMEHOW.. I mean the instructions tell me what to do, but me wrapping my head around how it works is beyond me. I am so pissed right now that I have to rip all the lace out and then some and start over!!!  Knitting is here to relax me, and right now I am freaking out over some yarn. I really have to get dressed , drive to the store and buy beer so I can drink and relax. I know I am a drama queen,but I put a lot of knitting time into this and its all for nothing at this point.. boo

Friday, August 26, 2011

This is the protector of my front door!! So gross..

Blogger Test

Go blogger is being weird and not letting me post via my phone..
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready For Fall

Can you tell I am ready for fall with the new wallpaper on the blog :) It has been over 106 and as hot as 112 here ! I'm not one for summer anyway so I am so glad when it cools off for fall and winter around here. I have finally started knitting again :) I have been working on my Make It Happen Shawlette which I am on the boarder and it will be done. I have also knitted a dish cloth which I will post pictures of later. I have been trying to work on my WIP'S that are sitting all around my knitting room. I have a pair of fingerless gloves to finish and  a pair of Bella mittens to finish along with a massive blanket I started 2 years ago. It seems to be a common theme with knitters to start something and set it aside for another New and Shiny project. 
I have joined Goodreads in the hopes to start reading more. I love to read but it seems that knitting, cleaning house and cooking take all my time and reading is maybe at a hour a day. I have to admit I have downloaded thousands of books for my Ipad and Nook and finding new books for free is a high. I love free and I think all books should be free to some point. I realize the authors have to make money, but there should be a discount for the none working folks of the world. Oh wait, that's what public library's are for . I can never seem to get the books back there once I take them out. 
I have found a new love for nail polish. Oh my gosh! its like painting in school all over again,lol. I'm sure if your my friend on FB you have been a couple post at my new colors. More of that to come here too. I really miss blogging and I think its time that I try and do it everyday or at least once a week. 
Today is my daughters first day back to school :) can you say we are both happy at this point.Being in the house together for 3 months is not good for anyone.. she is super excited to be in middle school this year and I'm a little scared. I guess I just have to let go and let her be at some point in all this. I am to much of a control freak... well, I'm off to knit and enjoy my quite day with me and the cats.. Talk to you soon .

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back On The Needles

I'm trying to work on my black Rose socks again. We will see how this goes for me today.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Been Forever

I guess I have forgotten about my blog since April and that motorcycle accident! So very sorry everyone. So much has happened since then. I got a new job , we went to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago for vacation and we have been trying to enjoy life a little more on our days off. We are still dealing with the lawyer on the accident and hope to have that cleared away soon and all the medical bills payed for. Its been very drawn out and just a pain in the butt to be truthful. No knitting has happened since April and no yarn buying either. life has been pretty quit and boring , except for Vegas. I hope to be blogging more since my time has because more mine in the last couple of weeks .. I will try and post pics of our vacation as well soon.. Hope everyone is doing well and has not forgotten me :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well its been a rough couple days since the motorcycle accident. Don and I have just been sleeping a lot and trying to recover as much as possible. We went to out doctors yesterday and he said I have wipe lash and I can not return to work until I see him again this friday. He said I'm tired all the time because my body is trying to heal its self. Don also can not go back to work till next week. I would write more but I'm super sleepy from the pain meds.. I will update you soon..
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Motorcycle Accident

Saturday night after a full day off work , me and Don decided to take a motorcycle ride downtown for a nice dinner and night out. Seeing how the daughter was doing a night sleep over with a friend. We were so excited to have some adult time and the weather was amazing! We had stopped at a red light on 71st & 93rd street, as the light turned green and the car in front of us moved forward and that's when the car behind us smashed into us.. Sending our motorcycle flying in the air. I went one way off the back and Don went the other across a lane of traffic!! I was told I was knocked out for a couple minutes.. I just remember all the people around me and the ambulance . The teenage girl that hit us , was texting and driving!!!! Really... Don and I came out of it with no broken bones or anything , but the recovery of the impact to the ground is horrible. We feel like we have been beat to death . My concussion has made me have headaches and sick to my stomach.. I am so very thankful for God watching over us and protecting us.. We are so very lucky to be alive . I will never get back on another motorcycle ! And Don has decided not to ride again. We have a daughter at home that needs us and we can't take the chance of something happening to us. Please don't text and drive. It can wait till you are stopped and out of your car.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Electronics And The Need For Them

I had typed out a post about 4 days ago and never checked to see if it was here on the blog, well its not. Guess its out there floating in the universe somewhere,lol.

As you all know in the last part of October my sweet man bought me a Ipad for my Birthday . Now this thing never leaves my side and I am so happy he bought it for me with his winnings from the Casino :) I had heard there was a new Ipad coming out and thought I would not want it because I already have one. Last week the story broke and there sits this thin, light, fast new Ipad and I think I have to have it. The only down side to my Ipad is the weight, its heavy and hurts my hands to hold sometimes. If  I am sitting in bed reading or playing a game it really hurts my hands , and having a ipad that is lighter would be wonderful for me, not to mention it would be lighter in my hand bag. Well as soon as the news broke about the New Ipad2 everyone put there Ipads on Ebay and Craigslist for sale. I jumped on the band wagon and mine still has not sold. I paid 825.00 for it and so I was asking 750.00 as that is still to much. I guess Apple took a 100.00 off the Ipads since the 2nd model is coming out. So everyone is telling me to ask 600 or 650.00 for it. Now Its a 64g wi-fi and 3g model, which the new iPad2 will in 830.00 I believe. I don't want to have to spend 200.00 to get the same thing i have now.. if I sale this one, I will have to get a ipad that has no 3g and no case.  I mean, I will be selling all the bells and whistles and getting nothing back in return. It so sucks because we don't have the extra money for me to spend the 200.00 difference on the new I guess I am at a cross roads with what to do. Do I keep the old one and have everything, or sale it and not have 64g and no 3G. .. I put a listing on Craigs list it at 675.00 with the 2 cases, but I really feel 700.00 is fair since its so new and coming with nice cases.. ugh.. if any of my readers would like to make me a offer for the Ipad , please leave me a comment here and we can talk. I know i want to sale it so I can get the new one so make me a offer. Please . Do you have a Ipad that you sold? Tell me how you sold it and what price it went for. Love hearing from you guys so drop me a line. Have a great week.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yarn Purchases

My first every purchase of Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fibers in colorway Spawn Of The Bruan. Its amazing and is so soft.

My First ever Score buy on Raverly for Some pretty in pink Wollmeise :)
 Bought some Spud & Chole at my local yarn shop , Loops to make a shawl with. Its a very pretty Pink.
Purchased this yarn bag from Etsy. I had ordered this really cool skull bag and she sent this one by mistake,so I get to keep this one and she is sending out the correct one. The seller on Etsy is Pixlkitten . Very sweet lady and I will buying more bags from her in the future.

I got new Pink Glasses. What do you think? I love them..

Been alot of yarn buying and now its time to sit down and knit. I love shopping but I am running out of room in my house for all this stuff, so I must knit and destash a bit.

Snow Blizzard 2011 In Oklahoma

Hello all, I have a lot of photos to show of the massive snow storm we had on 2/1/11-2/13//11 Oklahoma has never had so much snow in Tulsa. I guess the strange part of it was after so much snow we had 70 degree days right after that for like 5 days, lol. Only in Oklahoma .
My handprints in the snow on 2/13/11 as the sun was coming out and by noon that day the snow was all melting away. The next day was in the 60's and the next was in the 70's.. What a great blizzard it was.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Autumn Harvest Bread

I bought a bread machine today and I think I will try this recipe this week :) looks pretty good.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Helping A Child With Our Yarn & Needles

So yesterday I was on Itunes looking for Podcast to listen to. Seems like a endless task with me trying to find new knitting podcast that I don't get tired of right off the bat. Anywho I started to listen to Manic Purl  and there is a project called Mother Bear Project 2011 Started over on the Cogknitive Knit Raverly Group and she also has a podcast which I love. The pattern and details are all at Cogknitive Group on Raverly and Manicpurl Raverly group has jumped in to make some of these sweet bears for children. I know that all of knitters has some acrylic yarn or worsted in our craft room just sitting there. I said in 2011 I was going to do more work for charity and the those in need, well this is a great start. You can pay for the pattern for a bear or there is a free one, but the point is that this is going to a child that has nothing! it could bring a little hope to a dark place in their lives.
 Here is a link for making the eyes on the bear or any handmade gift that I found so easy to do.
So get the needles out and start those bears :) .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keyboard short cuts on the 6.0 OS for BB

Here is a list of the short cuts on your blackberry. Remember to go to Options and set it to  application shortcuts for this to work.

A = Addressbook
B = Browser
C = Compose message
D = Memo Pad
F = Blank (Used to be profiles)
G = Google talk / GChat
H = Help
I = Blank 
K = Keypad lock
L = Calendar
M = Message inbox
N = Messenger (Blackberry Messenger)
O = Options
P = Phone call log
R = Blank (Used to be alarm/clock)
S = Search
T = Tasks
U = Calculator
V = Saved messages
W = Berry Weather (when the app is installed on the phone)
Y = Yahoo Messenger

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look What I did

So I have been wanting to make the BlackRose socks from Only problem is my yarn was in a skein and not a center pull ball were I could knit with it. I have never bought a ball whinder and so I decided to hit Youtube and look around. I found a video were this lady was using a Nostepinne which I have never seen before and it looked really easy. So I walked over to my paper towel holder and pulled out the part you put the roll on and went to town!!!!! It worked great.. I so love YouTube
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I Recieved This Week

Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share with you all that I received this week from some really sweet people in my knitting life. Since Raverly opened I have made some really good online friends that share that same passion for knitting and crafting as I do. I wish a lot of them lived a lot closer but a lot are so far across the sea in the UK. First off I was looking at the Namaste Love group on Raverly for a Hollywood Pink Monroe bad. I came across one but she was not wanting to do a trade but wanted 50.00 for the bag , which right now I just can’t do since loosing my job this week. Then a post came up that a lady had a Red Monroe and new wallet. I thought about it and emailed her asking if she would be willing to do a trade for roving and some sock yarn I had for the bag, she agreed Smile here is the bag I received Thursday this week !

The bag is perfect  as the wallet. I have always loved red and its always my second chose of color instead of pink. so pretty.

These are Don’s socks almost finished. 

In fact as of right now all I have to do is the 2x2 ribbing and he has a new pair of socks. This pick was taken a couple days ago. 

Then I received this pretty Hello Kitty compact mirror in the mail yesterday from my friend Janet AKA SuperStashMe on Raverly.. She is the sweetest friend that is always mailing me Hello Kitty items she finds in the UK. She is my email buddy and Raverly friend that I am so happy I have made. Its great to have people you can vent to and share the good times with. I didn’t have a mirror for my purse so this is perfect for me . Thank you Janet.
On the the knitting front I have decided to make a pair of Black Rose Socks. I scored this 

from Raverly yesterday for 5.75 each and my local store charges 5.99. I could not get this color at my local yarn shop so I bought it yesterday and expect it here next week to start my Black rose socks. I thought it was the perfect color and price since I am a poor woman now.
I hope to find a job soon because I just am worried about bills and yarn. Not bills and food, but Yarn.. No crazy the brain works. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What’s Going On

So how is everyone doing? Sorry to be MIA but I have been under the weather. This past Monday my right big toe was all swollen and I could not walk on my foot. I was in so much pain that Superman took me to the family doctor. After waiting like 2 hours I was finally called back and the doctor asked me a ton of questions, looked at my foot for like a minute and said that I had Gout. Really, Gout… he wrote me a script , took blood and said the test results would be back the next day. He wanted to stick a big needle in my foot to test for gout and I flat out refused that offer! I had no doubt this guy had no clue what the hell he was taking about and I would just go home and suffer. Well, that’s just what happened. I took this medicine he gave me and it said right on the bottle, “take until pain is relieved or you have nausea,vomiting or diarrhea. Right off I didn’t want to take the meds because I didn’t want to be sick on top of having my foot feel like it was broke, but I took it anyway. The next day after taking this stuff I was so sick the whole day with every symptom that was on that bottle!!! I was so made I could not stand it. Finally the doctor called and said my test result said I don’t have Gout!! the damn doctor wants me to come back in to take x-rays of my foot now! really??? you should have done that the first time I was there you moron.  so now I am able to walk on it so I’m not going back. I think I just jammed it cleaning house and that’s that. Its really messed up my work outs and diet for sure.. I'm all out of whack. The the moral of the story is this. If you have a gut feeling that you know whats wrong , your prob right.. Doctors are just stupid and its really hard to find a good one. I’m just glad my foot is not broke.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Is Here

Hi everyone, So sorry for not posting in a while its just I didn’t have anything to post about. Or New Years was spent at home and we were in bed by 10pm only to be woke up by fireworks. We use to love to party on New Years but it just doesn’t make since to go out and spend a ton of money on drinks and have to pay for a cab home.
On the knitting front I am working on a pair of socks for Don. There were to be for me but they ended up way to big for my foot. He is pretty super excited about them.

The yarn I am using for these socks is Happy Feet and the color way is #28
Last knit I went to my local knit groups monthly k1p2 party and saw one of the ladies making some amazing fingerless mitts in bright pink and blue!! let me just say I almost didn’t take them off . So I will be making them very soon. The pattern which you can get free on Raverly is called the Jasper Mitts
On the last bit of news, I was told Wednesday from my employer that my job will be ending this Sunday, which is today. They had a massive layoff and I happen to be one of the lucky ones to get axed. I’m not very happy about it,but I guess I will try and draw unemployment till I can find a day job that will fit around my family’s schedule.
On The Blackberry front.. I read on BGR that there are 3 new blackberry’s coming out!! The Storm 3 and a new Bold with the form factor of the original bold 9000.. I am so excited about both of these I can’t stand it. take a look at the link because there are pictures. I guess all the hype over Verizon getting the Iphone 4 has everyone wanting to ditch Blackberry all together. I know a lot of my friends have gone to Iphones or Androids.
Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys this post..