Monday, January 31, 2011

Helping A Child With Our Yarn & Needles

So yesterday I was on Itunes looking for Podcast to listen to. Seems like a endless task with me trying to find new knitting podcast that I don't get tired of right off the bat. Anywho I started to listen to Manic Purl  and there is a project called Mother Bear Project 2011 Started over on the Cogknitive Knit Raverly Group and she also has a podcast which I love. The pattern and details are all at Cogknitive Group on Raverly and Manicpurl Raverly group has jumped in to make some of these sweet bears for children. I know that all of knitters has some acrylic yarn or worsted in our craft room just sitting there. I said in 2011 I was going to do more work for charity and the those in need, well this is a great start. You can pay for the pattern for a bear or there is a free one, but the point is that this is going to a child that has nothing! it could bring a little hope to a dark place in their lives.
 Here is a link for making the eyes on the bear or any handmade gift that I found so easy to do.
So get the needles out and start those bears :) .

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