Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I Recieved This Week

Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share with you all that I received this week from some really sweet people in my knitting life. Since Raverly opened I have made some really good online friends that share that same passion for knitting and crafting as I do. I wish a lot of them lived a lot closer but a lot are so far across the sea in the UK. First off I was looking at the Namaste Love group on Raverly for a Hollywood Pink Monroe bad. I came across one but she was not wanting to do a trade but wanted 50.00 for the bag , which right now I just can’t do since loosing my job this week. Then a post came up that a lady had a Red Monroe and new wallet. I thought about it and emailed her asking if she would be willing to do a trade for roving and some sock yarn I had for the bag, she agreed Smile here is the bag I received Thursday this week !

The bag is perfect  as the wallet. I have always loved red and its always my second chose of color instead of pink. so pretty.

These are Don’s socks almost finished. 

In fact as of right now all I have to do is the 2x2 ribbing and he has a new pair of socks. This pick was taken a couple days ago. 

Then I received this pretty Hello Kitty compact mirror in the mail yesterday from my friend Janet AKA SuperStashMe on Raverly.. She is the sweetest friend that is always mailing me Hello Kitty items she finds in the UK. She is my email buddy and Raverly friend that I am so happy I have made. Its great to have people you can vent to and share the good times with. I didn’t have a mirror for my purse so this is perfect for me . Thank you Janet.
On the the knitting front I have decided to make a pair of Black Rose Socks. I scored this 

from Raverly yesterday for 5.75 each and my local store charges 5.99. I could not get this color at my local yarn shop so I bought it yesterday and expect it here next week to start my Black rose socks. I thought it was the perfect color and price since I am a poor woman now.
I hope to find a job soon because I just am worried about bills and yarn. Not bills and food, but Yarn.. No crazy the brain works. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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