Monday, September 10, 2007

My dads 70th b-day cake the cat eat before we did ! I had showed my dad the cake and we left the house to go eat a nice dinner for his birtday and when we returned back home I found the cake with a kitty bit out of

Along the way

What do you think of this?????? I know some of you out there are loving this If I was into wearing one of these things I would buy it, but it has no place in my house even if it does have Hello kitty on it.
I am still working at the new job and really tired, not to mention my feet and legs are killing me!!!.. I am hoping that this will be a temp job till I can find something I really, really like.. I am not knocking working at a bakery,but I just don't see me working there for the next 20 years..:).. I am hoping to get online within the next 3 weeks!! keep your fingers crossed for me.. I really miss all my internet friends and reading blogs.. I feel like I am missing out on the whole world these days. I have done no knitting in about 3 weeks, not even 1 stitch!!!!. I just have been to tired and just blaaaaa.....hope to make a post sooner than what I have been doing here..take care everyone..