Monday, March 7, 2011

Electronics And The Need For Them

I had typed out a post about 4 days ago and never checked to see if it was here on the blog, well its not. Guess its out there floating in the universe somewhere,lol.

As you all know in the last part of October my sweet man bought me a Ipad for my Birthday . Now this thing never leaves my side and I am so happy he bought it for me with his winnings from the Casino :) I had heard there was a new Ipad coming out and thought I would not want it because I already have one. Last week the story broke and there sits this thin, light, fast new Ipad and I think I have to have it. The only down side to my Ipad is the weight, its heavy and hurts my hands to hold sometimes. If  I am sitting in bed reading or playing a game it really hurts my hands , and having a ipad that is lighter would be wonderful for me, not to mention it would be lighter in my hand bag. Well as soon as the news broke about the New Ipad2 everyone put there Ipads on Ebay and Craigslist for sale. I jumped on the band wagon and mine still has not sold. I paid 825.00 for it and so I was asking 750.00 as that is still to much. I guess Apple took a 100.00 off the Ipads since the 2nd model is coming out. So everyone is telling me to ask 600 or 650.00 for it. Now Its a 64g wi-fi and 3g model, which the new iPad2 will in 830.00 I believe. I don't want to have to spend 200.00 to get the same thing i have now.. if I sale this one, I will have to get a ipad that has no 3g and no case.  I mean, I will be selling all the bells and whistles and getting nothing back in return. It so sucks because we don't have the extra money for me to spend the 200.00 difference on the new I guess I am at a cross roads with what to do. Do I keep the old one and have everything, or sale it and not have 64g and no 3G. .. I put a listing on Craigs list it at 675.00 with the 2 cases, but I really feel 700.00 is fair since its so new and coming with nice cases.. ugh.. if any of my readers would like to make me a offer for the Ipad , please leave me a comment here and we can talk. I know i want to sale it so I can get the new one so make me a offer. Please . Do you have a Ipad that you sold? Tell me how you sold it and what price it went for. Love hearing from you guys so drop me a line. Have a great week.