Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well its been a rough couple days since the motorcycle accident. Don and I have just been sleeping a lot and trying to recover as much as possible. We went to out doctors yesterday and he said I have wipe lash and I can not return to work until I see him again this friday. He said I'm tired all the time because my body is trying to heal its self. Don also can not go back to work till next week. I would write more but I'm super sleepy from the pain meds.. I will update you soon..
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Motorcycle Accident

Saturday night after a full day off work , me and Don decided to take a motorcycle ride downtown for a nice dinner and night out. Seeing how the daughter was doing a night sleep over with a friend. We were so excited to have some adult time and the weather was amazing! We had stopped at a red light on 71st & 93rd street, as the light turned green and the car in front of us moved forward and that's when the car behind us smashed into us.. Sending our motorcycle flying in the air. I went one way off the back and Don went the other across a lane of traffic!! I was told I was knocked out for a couple minutes.. I just remember all the people around me and the ambulance . The teenage girl that hit us , was texting and driving!!!! Really... Don and I came out of it with no broken bones or anything , but the recovery of the impact to the ground is horrible. We feel like we have been beat to death . My concussion has made me have headaches and sick to my stomach.. I am so very thankful for God watching over us and protecting us.. We are so very lucky to be alive . I will never get back on another motorcycle ! And Don has decided not to ride again. We have a daughter at home that needs us and we can't take the chance of something happening to us. Please don't text and drive. It can wait till you are stopped and out of your car.
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