Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cellphone Address to send a SMS or Text Via Computer

If you know the correct email address, sending a SMS or MMS through email via your computer to a cell phone is really easy. A lot of people forget about this feature and if you don’t have a text package it can save you money, or if you are at work and can’t pull out your cell phone :) 

Were  it  says Yourphonenumber, this will be the 10 digit cell phone number.


 formally Cingular is now the  new AT&T


Text :       
Virgin Mobile:
Alltel :

US Cellular:
Metro PCS:

Link of a Ton more: 
I am always looking for new stuff and for you guys and I thought this might be useful. I know I do this at work with people since I can't put out my cellphone. If you have anything to add or see a mistake with one of the address please let me know.. Enjoy all 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Correct Way To Charge Your Blackberry Battery

The correct way to charge any Blackberry is to let the battery get as low as you can (10-15%), then turn it off and plug it in and let it fully charge (this does take about  2 hours). I was charging my phone with it on! oops.. If you are charging the phone when ever and plugging it in with the phone on it  will make the battery  think its full life is up  , and you will start having the phone run out of juice with hardly any use.
I have always charged my battery when its pretty low, but there have been time when I knew I had to have it and charged it anyway. Don't do this because you will end up needing a new battery.
hope this helps someone out there :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blackberry Bold Family

Well I finally figured out how to get the trackball out of my Bold 9000 and here is the new pretty Pink track ball :) its amazing how well the it works. I don't think the original ever worked right after using this one. I have been using my 9000 bold for the last couple days since changing out the trackball because I missed it so much. As you can see right next to it is the new 9700 I got almost 3 weeks ago looking hot . I just don't like the small key board and sometimes the font on somethings are way to small. I really think I will go in between the two phones for now. I really wish they would have made the 9700 bold as big as the 9000. It would be the perfect phone then. Both the themes on these phones are free ones from . I like here themes because they have colors and she makes them in the today style which I need for the calendar function on the front. this is getting harder and harder to find .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tim McGraw and Lady A. Concert

What a great show it was this past Thursday with Lady A. and Tim Mcgraw. These two little girls got on the stage dancing there butts off with Lady A. and Tim Mcgraw , they stole the show for Most of the pics I got were from the pic LCD screen right next to our seats and lot come out really good or really blurry. I didn't think the ones I took zoomed in on the stage would turn out since we were kinda high up , but they turned out better than I thought they would. I will post more pics later too. :)

Phone update

I did not realize it had been a while since I posted, oops. Well after having my HTC HD2 for about 4 days I took it back to Tmobile  and got a Blackberry 9700 Bold. My HTC kept freezing and locking up and would not go into landscape mode and just all kinds of problems. When I took it back they were sold out so I had to pick another phone which I really was kinda happy about. Being without my blackberry for those 4 days I realized that I can't live without it. There are apps on it I could not get on the HTC and i didn't have my bbm, which sucked. So I guess I am really a Crackberry Addict, lol.