Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blackberry Bold Family

Well I finally figured out how to get the trackball out of my Bold 9000 and here is the new pretty Pink track ball :) its amazing how well the it works. I don't think the original ever worked right after using this one. I have been using my 9000 bold for the last couple days since changing out the trackball because I missed it so much. As you can see right next to it is the new 9700 I got almost 3 weeks ago looking hot . I just don't like the small key board and sometimes the font on somethings are way to small. I really think I will go in between the two phones for now. I really wish they would have made the 9700 bold as big as the 9000. It would be the perfect phone then. Both the themes on these phones are free ones from www.nancydrewthemes.com . I like here themes because they have colors and she makes them in the today style which I need for the calendar function on the front. this is getting harder and harder to find .


WickedStitch said...

I am considering changing my BB9000's look...one of these days :).

WickedStitch said...

where did you get your 9000 case?