Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Were has the time gone

So I have not posted in a while. lots of happened in this month of October. First being I had a great birthday with my family and they really know how to make a girl feel old, lol. We went to dinning and My honey told me I could pick my own gift which I just did today. It takes me forever to decided what I need or want. So I decided on a Acer Netbook in pink :) Don has been using my laptop alot more with his new job when he comes home to work so I thought this would be a great way for me to have something for me that fits in my knitting bag too :) heeeeeee..

The best thing ever happened while chatting with one of my friends on blackberry messenger Raverly group. I scored a Namaste Hermosa bag in black from her. We were talking about knitting bags and she told me she had bought Hermosa bag and never used it!! So of coarse I had to ask if she wanted to sale it, right? she gave me a price I could not refuse and it should be here by the end of the week. It seems I have a new love for Namaste seeing how I have bought 3 in little over a month. They really are built well and just work for me.

In knitting news I have not picking up my needles in a couple weeks since finishing my UT hat.. which I never wore at the game! The plan today is to work on cheyannes Twilight gloves again. I really want to get these finished for her so I can start on mine.

On the Weight loss front it is going slow. I have been off plan for about 2 weeks now and not really gained any weight just have stayed were I'm at for the most part. We got the treadmill and the weight gym set up in the garage with a tv with cable so I am all set to start working out again :)

I do hope everyone is doing well and that life is treating you great..

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