Monday, September 15, 2008

Babys and such

This is what I have been working on for most of the week at work. This is a baby blanket I was going to have this finished about 6 or 7 months , I just started it ,talk about not wanting to do this.Don't get me wrong I love baby's but it was the whole Idea of making the blanket it's self, the colors she wanted and what pattern I was going to use. I ended up using a pattern for a regular afghan and just halfed so it would be alot smaller. It's called Very Victorian and is crochet. I have not touched a crochet hook in over 2 years now since learning how to knit,but I have to say this is alot of fun but can't wait till it is over. The colors are light blue and light green, not my chose but the babys
Here is my little Pretty in Pink Blackberry :) she makes me so very happy that I have to take pics of her to show all you Hello kitty fans out there in blogger land . The theme I have on my BB is from and they have quit a few Hello kittys and other things to bling up your BB, so go check it out.
Every since I got this little piece of joy I have really learned alot about everything it can do. Some of my favorite places to visit for more information are ,, . There is also the site for any questions you may have ,but seems to really been the shit on technical issues and finding great themes to download to your phone.
I am still working on clue 1 of the MS4 and have to say I really love it! I should have more time this week to sit down and really get clue 1 finished.
Tell next time , keep on smiling peps..

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Dawn ;) said...

its lookin' good girl. what yarn are you using? I hadn't thought about stripping it but that works too. guess it was better than holding 2 strands at a time. hope to see ya soon. ;)

ps ~ I finally finished mine. LOL