Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So like I mentioned in the last post, I really am trying to loss weight and get into shape. There are 10 pounds gone so far and I did the treadmill for a hour lastnight! I have not been on this thing in over a year so I am guessing I did pretty good. In doing all of this I have to keep focus of the fact that I am doing this to feel and look better. The meds for my bloodpressure have really worked so now its my turn to get my work outs done. Weight watcher is in my furture since I know I need meetings to keep motivated and to be around others that are working hard to over come the fat to. Lossing 2 pounds a week will be great, but I am keeping an open mind to all this, I'm not going to pressure myself into falure so soon in the game. I hope to post once a week to keep my self accountable. :)

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Bobbisox said...

So how is the stuff going??