Saturday, September 6, 2008

What have I been up too?

Above would be 2 weekends ago at Don's 40th birthday party.. He had a blast
Here is the Cake I had made for him. I call him my Superman because he can do anything,so I had it made with green for criptanight and black for turning
This is the Rowan Kidsilk and beads I am using for my Ice Queen from knitty that is going very slowly at this point. I think I should have learned to do magic loop before trying this :)
And here is my New baby :) my Crackberry.. I am so addicted to this thing that I hold it in my hand 24/7, no joke. I don't know how in the world I lived without it. I found a wonderfull website called that has really showed me how to use all the applications and functions on this phone. It has great forums for themes and technical questions and just is down right fun. I spend alot of time of the website and hope that one day I will be a Crackberry exspert :)
There is so much to update everyone on so I will just touch on a few. I am doing the MS4 which the first clue came out yesterday and i will start that today, I am using Knitpicks lace gloss in Raisins and some wonderfull beads I got here in Broken Arrow. I will post picks later.
on the Knitting front I am working on the Ice Queen which is really giving me a time since I have never done magic loop, I am still working on the Clapotis and of coarse the MS4.. I have decided that after all these little projects are over I want to make the central park hoodie :) I have never done anything this big and I am sure I will neeed more help than I now, but we all have to start somewere..
I have been doing Weight Watchers all week and hope to pay my dues maybe today and will be able to go to meetings and have access to the online tools. I just can't stand not being the skinny girl anymore and I am doing something about it. Don and I are starting the gym next week so I am sure in a matter of 6 months I will be doing well with the getting in shape and lossing the old lady body.
Till next time, be safe and happy knitting :)

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