Monday, August 11, 2008

More toy's

Sorry I have been away so long my boggy friends. I guess my mind is still on vacation and not paying attention to my blog. .most of my time has been spent working and just being down right lazy! Some of the things I have been doing are reading,which includes the knitting mystery series from Maggie Sexton. Knitting has become such a every day part of my life that reading about it seems like the next step. These books are a lot of fun and even more so since I got to meet Maggie Sexton in person a couple of months ago at a book signing here in Tulsa. Knit night never comes fast enough or last long enough. This last Wednesday my knit buddy showed me how to do magic loop. I have learned this because its been a long time coming and because I want to make the Ice Queen from knit ty. Now looking at the ice queen the first time on knit ty I said I liked it, but after seeing it in person I want to make one. Me wanting to make it, and me really making it are two different things all together! maybe I am a processor of the knitting and not a maker of projects..... That is something to think on. Also I have joined the MS4 on yahoo and on Raverly. Now referring to the above paragraph do you think I will finish the knit along :). I am sure going to try. I still have the uncompleted MS3 in the wings screaming at me to be finished, I think it will be a while before I can even think about it. On hold still a pair of socks for my better half and I am still working my clap otis . I have more than enough knitting to last a lifetime right now. Oh I almost forgot the new toy! The better half got me a Blackberry Curve last week:). He is so sweet to me that sometimes I wonder what in the world I did to be graced with such a sweet man. A lot of y know that I am a total tech nerd and love cell phones and computer. Well this phone has been on my wish list for about a year since it came out, but we just could not see paying 250.00 or more for it. Let me speak for myself here. I would have payed the listed price just because I wanted it, but mr wonderful was not for it. We were almost out of contract with t-mobile and they made him a deal he could not refuse. So I have my new toy and love it. There is still a lot I don't know how to do but I am learning. places Like Crackbery and and tube have been a big help and a great reference tool. Enough about me, what has everyone been knitting? What new electronics have you purchased? I want to know so leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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tapmouse said...

Hey there! Well, I started swatching for the MS4 and guess what? The yarn I had planned to use doesn't show the stitches well! I have plans to purchase some new yarn since I have two gift certificates-just have to figure out which color to go with and what exactly to get.

Meanwhile, I still plug away at my Mystic Light shawl; about 1/2 way through clue 3 with clues 4 adn 5 to go after that! I think that puts me at about the 1/3 finished point...

And even though I have tons of socks started, I ended up accidentally starting a new pair! (I blogged about it...)

Crazy, I know! Now GET MOVING on that MS4 swatching, Girl! Either that or move along on the MS3-I wanna hear about some progress!