Friday, July 11, 2008

Back from Vacation

This is the private breakfast Don and I had at the bed and breakfast we found on our 3day of vacation in Missouri. The Inn is called Stone Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast ,Proprietress Bessie Lee the sweetest woman you have ever meet in your life.Bess is the best cook I have come across. She fixed us a sack lunch the first day and that night we had a 10 coarse meal that made all of us cry is was so good!!! she is a amazing cook and it was truly the best meal I have had in my whole life. The next morning she made us by our request homemade biscuits and gravy..yummy.. I would suggest this Inn to anyone that wants piece and quit with a touch of grandma in every room. Her website is .
She is located in Dora ,Missouri. Make sure you click on the tour on the bottom of her web page to see the beauty of her Inn.
This is a picture taken at Dawt Mill in Missouri our first morning of vacation. It had stormed the night before and was still raining some. The fog on the Mountains was just amazing .
This is a picture I took on a float trip we took some were upstream from Dawt

This is the bride at Hudgson Mill . I love this old mill and there are plenty along the road as we went from Dawt Mill to Springfield Missouri.
I think this is the only pic that came out that I took at Fantastic Caverns in Springfield.

The first morning we found this little dinner in Tecumscie . I love all the wood on the inside of diner, makes it look that the beautiful woods outside.
This is Don wish one of his many little fish he he is just so happy fishing :)
The is the Mill at Hudgson ...There is a store at the top were the little windows are that sale homemade crafts made by the locals.. I have to say this is my favorite mill..
The only place that we didn't get to go to was Sealed with a Kiss in Guthrie...humm, I think that was done on some level of intent and purpose by He hates the thought of me spending money on yarn. So we spent the money on fishing and camping this time. We had a wonderful time and wish it could have lasted forever,but we had to come home . I will go back to work this coming Monday with regret.. They have called me almost everyday I have been gone because of problems with staffing and other major issues,but that is part of being the supervisor.. :)

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