Thursday, June 26, 2008

All kinda stuff

First off these are pictures that were taken a couple weeks ago for my sons 17th birthday.. He is the one with the shades. The top pic is my man and my son .
Blake and MOM :)

And Here is me and my baby, this is a rare event that you will see pics of me on my own blog since I hate taking them. Its that whole getting older and fatter thing that I just can't seem to get over..
On the home front things have been crazy this week. My better half has been to the ER twice and once again today.. They ran test and found out he has Diverticulitis . They first thought that his apendexs was bad but thank god it was not that. He is home now on alot of medication and won't be able to go back to work for at least 3 days!..Boy let me tell you I have alot of bad things to say about Saint Francis Hosptial ER right now,but I will save you all the bitching.. Let's just say that they make people wait in thier ER for 8 or 9 hours!
I am still working on my Clapotis in the Lets knit 2 gether KAL on raverly , seems like it is taking me alot longer to finish this than I thought it would take,but I really enjoy the pattern and I can't wait to make another soon. I am hoping I will have it done before we leave for our vacation on July 3rd, that way I can start one with sock yarn and I can just shove it in my bag. I guess I need to figure out what projects I am going to take with me on vacation too.. I will have to sit down and thing about that one for a while. Going on vacation is like a dream come true since we have not taken one in over 5 years. Seems like something always came up and we never could get away. Not really sure were we are headed yet except to Missouri for a couple days of camping for the 4th of July ,but I am sure we will figure it out :)

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