Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Glitter Words

Hard to believe that I have been keeping up with this blog for a whole year! There are have been times that It was very hard to even find anything to post about and other times there was just to much work to be done at work or home. But I do have to say that I am very glad that I have managed to keep it going. :)

Here is Miss Elizabeth with the Prayer Shawl I gave her yesterday! She almost started crying when I gave her the gift bag that held the shawl. A little story behind Miss Elizabeth, we meet of coarse at work some 6 months ago. She would come in with a scarf around her head because she was having cemo for her breast cancer. She reminds me of my grandma and we just became fast chatty buddys. She had a breast removed before Christmas and thought the worst was over,then about 3 weeks ago she found out that she has a brain tumor and they are doing surgery to remove it in 2 weeks. I was just so devastated by this that I had to do something to show I cared and that I was thinking of her. Then I thought of making that shawl, I know its not much but I do hope it gives her some comfort before and after the surgery. Love ya Elizabeth...

I am still waiting for my Jordana Paige Pink satchel to get here........I am like a little kid just wishing and wishing for my grand present to show You know I was looking at my blog and I bought my first J.P red satchel last July when me and Stacey from Tempted yarns went to Fort Smith to StringTown yarn and fiber shop. How crazy is that!! a satchel 1 time a year sounds good to Stringtown Yarn and Fiber Shop is amazing shop. It is a great old building that is just open and very friendly. If you are in Fort Smith you should stop by.

Well, I have joined a KAL in Raverly the Lets Knit together group to do a Clapotis. I went and bought some really cheap yarn just to give it a try first then if I really like what I have made I will invest a little more money on good yarn. I have learned that me doing KAL or anything of that nature seems to get put on the back burner and never done,so this time I spent about 20.00 for the yarn and if I don't use it for the Clapotis I will give it to the little she monster running around my house to crochet with... Have a great day :)

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Tag your it! You have now been tagged in my meme.
I Love the shawl!!