Monday, March 23, 2009

Yarn buying spree

Here is my Robin's Egg scarf. The pattern I modified a little but it is from Loops here in Tulsa and its called the Wasabi scarf. I re-named mine because the colors remind me of a Robin's egg with some purple in it :)
This is the yarn im using for the scarf. Don't know the name right off hand but I will post it later.

Here is the stuff I bought just because I never get time to do this and just because. There are 5 skiens of Tempted hand painted sock yarn there and a mix of others which I can't remeber besides the Lousie Harding on the botton and the ribbon yarn on the top. It was alot of fun to just buy,but I think I am done for a while untill I knit this stuff up. I really don't like over flow in my craft room.

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Anonymous said...

Love, love your scarf! The two yarns are Colinette Giotto and Isis. I just finished one for my sister and my neighbor. Fast and fun. Gina H (your Mon, Tues, Th Loopie)