Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Mail Man Delivery Today

Can you believe how pretty my new Namaste Malibu bag is!!!! It came today and I just feel in love with it from first touch. It is big and room and soft and squishy. Look at it next to my Zuma... I love both these bags so much that I just might get another bag..lol.. I think Namaste has a new bag whore on their hands peps..

Someone asked wanted to know about the Zuma here on my blog and so I will do a little feed back on it since I have been using it for almost a week. It is perfect for a light go anywere bag. I have my wallet,camera,Itouch,notepad,knitting bag with all my have to have items and 2 knitting projects in it. The knitting projects are a pair of socks and a pair of mittens. There is plenty more room in the bag,but the point of me buying this was to cut down on clutter and to have a light bag to run around town with.

After I use the Malibu for a week or so I will do another review :)

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