Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Knitting Bag

It has been a while since I bought a new knitting bag, the last being my Pink Jordana Paige knitting sachel. I really needed something that was not as big and that I could take into work or public that didn't knock people over when I walked down the isle, lol.. and something that just is not as heavy with my knitting and other crap in it. So I was up at 4am this morning and was looking on Raverly and could not find a Namaste bag for sale that I liked, so I hit google for Namaste sales. And like always the internet never fails me, I came to a blog that said Woolgirl had a 20% off sale on Namaste bags. The hardest part of all this once I got to WoolGirls website was deciding between the Newport bag which is 44.25 or the Zuma at 55.20. The Newport had the color I wanted of Saddle and the Zuma Saddle is sold out.. Then I saw the Zuma had the new black and that was it. I thought this would be a bag I could carry with everything I wear and it would look just like a purse and is not to big to look like a granny bag or a knitting bag. So I just ordered me a Namaste Zuma in black :) I can't wait to get it and show pics to everyone .. I really wanted the Saddle color but maybe down the road I can order another one . If any of you out there have the Zuma Namaste bag let me hear from you. I want to know how well you like it or don't like it. I will post pics of the new bag when it gets here this coming week. I was hoping it would be here by Wenesday for knit night but I think that would be pushing it some.

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