Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays

So Sorry for not posing in a while but we were kinda crazy around here with Christmas and the Blizzard we got Christmas Eve here in Oklahoma. Yes, you heard me correct a blizzard. Its the first one ever in Oklahoma so it was pretty amazing to be here and watch it from inside my house. It did give us a very pretty white Christmas but on the other hand the highway from my house to my moms was closed , so my parents were not able to spend Christmas with us :( that really sucked. We had a great time opening presents, eating lots of food and playing video games all day. We still have snow on the ground and are getting more today! So my honey is coming home early so I can get my butt out and to the store so we won't starve to death in case this stuff turns to ice. Lets keep our fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

The other part of me not blogging is because I have been preoccupied by starting a new weight loss group on blackberry messenger. When the new BBM 5.0 came out with the group chat I started a Weight loss group for girls only and man have I meet some really sweet ladies. After really getting to know each other I thought why not start a weight loss journey together for the new year. So we all decided that this would be just what we all needed to motivate and loss some weight. We decided that blogging would be a great way to share or journey with each other and to just have a place to put everything out there that we would need. So I sat yesterday and got started on the Blog. The blog name is Blackberry Diet Buddies 2009 on Blogger, you can find the link to it on the tool bar on the right hand side of my blog .I'm super excited about the blog and the can't wait to see the results of our hard work. I hope to really put a lot of great useful content on the blog for other readers that plan on doing Weight Watchers. Not all of us are doing Weight Watchers that are on the blog so this will also give a different spin for readers. Another part of this group weight loss is everyone will be posting on the blog, just not the admin. This is a great way to keep everyone feeling part of the group. We will do weekly weigh in and post or new weights on the blog. Another part of this dynamic is we will try using Skype during the week to chat and encourage each other. We all know that keeping on weight loss plan can be very hard when we all have family and work involved. I truly hope that with all the tools of blogging, BBM and Skype we will all loss the extra junk in the truck :)
Our Official start date is Jan 5, 2010. I will be going out today and picking up food,a new Food journal and a binder to start a new cooking menu for my self so that I can make weekly food menus.
This is a way is part of the previous post about me wanting to do something to push myself and help others. I will be really involved in blogging,recording and maintaining my own weight goals along with supporting my Blackberry buddies weight loss. I am really looking forward to this new journey with friends and a skinner me .
If any female reader would like to join our weight loss journey please leave me a comment and your email address. We do only take ladies and this will not change. So if you are a male reader I am sorry but I have to keep this group woman only. Hope you understand.
Have a great week everyone :)

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