Friday, December 18, 2009

Julia & Julia

So me and the honey were sitting around wanting to watch a PPV movie and we came across Julia & Julia and I really wanted to watch this. Being that it was about cooking and blogging. The man went to bed after 30 minutes of the movie stating it was a movie all about me and he was living this story already and went to bed. I have to tell you this movie really inspired me to take a challenge and make it mine. Deciding on what that challenge will be has not came to me clearly yet,but I know it will.
The movie really was about me and how I love to cook,blog and need to push myself to finish a project. You are all aware that I knit and crochet,but finishing a project for me is the hardest thing in the whole world!I get really excited about finding just the right pattern,then heading off to the yarn store to browse the wonderful soft yarns that I can never decide on and most of the time end up making a second trip to finally make a purchase. Then I start knitting my master piece,and knit and knit..and then I find a new pattern I just have to make and into the knitting bag goes the current project to sit for months or years untouched.It would be safe to say that I am a starter of things and can't seem to finish because i get side tracked with something new.
My whole life has been this way and after seeing Julia & Julia I really thought I'm not being far to myself at all! I need to find something and push myself to finish. I will be making a list of things I love and go from there. Here are a few things to pick from.

cross stitch
working out
weight loss and good health
write a book

The point is to do something every day and keep at it for a year. Could I really commit myself to doing something like this? I want to and I am going forward with it as soon as I decide what it is that I want to do. I know there are knitting challenges with socks and reading challenges,blog challenges, but I want to do something conformed to me. I really need to put alot of thought into this. I want it to be something that will open a whole new world to me as a individual to make me a better person. Does any of this make since? Any thoughts or comments on how you have done something in your life for a change everyday? love to hear your story.
Wanted to share Julia Powell's blog also since she is the reason I am making this life change.
This is her current blog and does not include the cooking challenge she did with the Julia Childs cook book. Here is that blog when she started that challenge in 2005..

You have to click on the calender on the right hand side of this blog to read the days posts.. a very good read.

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Sugar said...

I asked for this for Christmas. I'm really regretting that now because I'm totally impatient and want to watch it TODAY!! I've never seen it, but I was told I must. I didn't realize it was about blogging for the longest time. I never understood why people would interrupt my blogging stories to ask if I had seen a movie about Julia Childs. I was like, "Thanks, rude person, for totally changing the subject!" Hehehe... joke's on me.