Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm a blogger pusher

I love to blog and share with other people how to blog right from there phones. In the last month I have convinced 2 people to start blogging . The reason they had never blogged is because they did not have a home computer or they found it to time consuming to sit in front of the pc to post a blog . Of coarse I told then all about Go Blogger than can be done from any phone!! This is why I luv Blogger so much. I am glad I could share a little of what I know about this to someone out there. Check out their blogs. The first blog is Brook's at
The second blog is being worked on right now and I don't have the link for it yet. When I do it will be posted here.(Springfairy) is working on it.
Brook and I started chatting because she has lost a lot of weight and she is so motivational to me with her story of weight loss. I'm really glad I talked her into starting her wieghtloss blog :) please read her story, its amazing.. Laters peeps
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Delisha said...

It's great you could convince someone to start blogging. I know I don't write all my post from my computer. I write a good bit from a program on my iPhone. It comes in handy.

I'll make sure to check their blogs out!