Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Bella Hat

Hi Blogland friends, I have been busy knitting on the Bella hat for the last couple of days and it is complete. The reason I knitted this is because lastweek when the temp dropped and it was spitting rain I had decided I wanted to get out and shop. So I called my friend down the street (with whom I have been friends with for 16 years) and we headed off to the new super Target right down the road. Well, bright me wanted to drive the MAN Truck that is harder than hell to park because it has the extra long bed but has the power of a mule..luv this big ass truck and drive it every chance I get. anywho, when I got to Target I parked way out in the parking lot because the spaces were to close together for me to get the truck in. When we got out of the truck to go into the store, I heard all about parking the truck in the back fourty from my friend , lol. Mind you she was not wearing a jacket or anything more than a sweatshirt. Me on the other hand had everything on but a hat and man did I wish I had one by the time we got inside the store, it was freezing and wet and my hair looked like something out of a scary movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is when I decided I needed to knit my self a hat girls..
I love the pattern of the Bella hat found on Raverly but the top is pointy and kinda weird. Its great if I want to put all my hair up,but then look like a cone head, lol.. but it will match the bella gloves I'm working on right now for my self :) it was fun to knit but I think the next one I will make a little smaller or change the decrease pattern.
Can you believe its not pink, lol.. I love this purple color and can't wait to see my bella gloves in it. If I could remember the yarn I would list it,but i'm having a brain fart at 6am..
have a great day everyone :)

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