Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thinking time

So I was looking threw my blog and I noticed I never have pictures of myself on here. One being I am always the one taking all the pictures and two I just can't stand to see my fat ass on here. As the story goes there was a time when I was thin and pretty, but for the past 5 years I really have been fighting the flab and it has won.
I turned 41 In October and I just hate it! Getting old sucks ass! I was looking threw photos on my laptop of a pool party we had this summer and realized Im not that old looking, just really out of shape. The picture I have posted is from our pool party this summer and I am the brunette and the 21 years old blond is a good friend Kristeen. Now looking at the photo I have no wrinkles,no gray and damn I don't look bad next to this 21 year old baby, lol.. so I guess from now on I will start letting people take more photos of me to post here on my blog. I have to get over the fat thing or loss it forever. Its just hard when you have grown up being called the Anorexic barbie doll your whole life until you hit 35. Guess I better piss or get off the pot about all of it because its stupid to let it stand in the way of my happiness.
I know there are alot of bloggers out there that never post pics of them selfs and I hate it! it makes the blog not as personable to me when reading their life events.
Drop me a commit on what your thoughts are of all this crazy flab or skinny crap .

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Delisha said...

Your def a hot mom!! :)