Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Sock Nightmare

Well first of all I can't believe I am at home while the sun is still up! I have been working nights with this new job and today I started my new shift of 7am-4pm.. ya me . I am very excited to be home with the family to have dinner and post on the new blog.
I tried yesterday to work on the Hedera sock and once again got stuck on the 3rd round with 3 more stitches than I needed!! I emailed Cookie A at Knitty and she gave me the link to knitting help and told me the pattern had a update to the pattern and that might be the problem.when I took a look at it I already have the updated copy so that was a no go. I am hoping someone can tell me what the heck is up with it so I can get started on this sock before I go mad!!! if there are supposed to be 2 repeats on each needle which is 20 stitch's then way does it have 12 stitches on round 3? I am so confused Will someone please save me from the hell of not knowing what the heck I am doing with this damn sock... OK, enough about that.
the pic I have posted with this is the first pair and only pair of socks I have made and I have to say that this pair was much easier than what I am trying now with Hedera,but I wanted to challenge myself .what was I thinking..lol..
We are sending the little one off this week to grandmas house for some fun in the sun and for summer vacation, for her and us so she is really excited about leaving us behind and getting spoiled at grandmas house,can't say I am to happy with the spoiling part ,but I guess I just have to live with it.
If anyone has made the Hedera sock from Knitty could you please email me with what is up with round 3? till next time, smile and be happy .

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

K I got an idea....I will cast on with you on the phone... and we will work the rows together. Then i will be able to know exactly where you are and how to help...If i can help. Would that work for you? Hope your DAYS at work are going well. Talk to ya soon. Stacy