Monday, June 4, 2007

Jordana Paige Bag

My first entry into my blog and I am not quit sure what to say or just what to talk about but I know how to take pictures and hope this will make up for the lack of grammar or writing skills that follow along in this journey.
November of 2006 I learned to knit by first taking a sock class. I thought why note just jump right off the bridge and learn something that looks really hard. It was the best gift I could ever give myself. Since learning the basic knitting of a sock I have gone on to knit a couple hats,scarfs and working on the sock pattern Hedera from Knitty by Cookie the obsessed knitter.Now mind you this is only my second pair of socks EVER since learning to knit. I have frogged the sock about 5 times now . I am sure that in the near future I will be able to put this puppy together. In the mean time maybe I will work on some crochet or cross stitch just to mix it up a bit.
I bought a Jordana Paige bag yesterday when me and my new knitting buddy took a road trip to Ft.Smith Arkansas to Stringtown Yarn and Fiber, did I mention it was so much fun! that I wanted to buy the whole store!. It is so hard going into LNS and not buying every little thing they have. But I did get my Lovely red bag that i will carry every were with all my little goodies inside.I also bought 2 skeins of pink Alpaca yarn ,which i am sure will take me a while to vinture into since it is so little and fraile. If you are in the Ft.Smith area I urge you to stop by the store. It is in a beautiful old brick building with hard wood floors that say (walk this way to my pile of yummy yarn). It had the feeling of a place I could just spend all day knitting and talking among friends. I am sure we will visit again really soon since it is only 1 1/2 from my home. Hint In the pic you will notice Hello Kitty stitch markers! These were special made for me and are a one of a kind by new new knitting buddy . I am a big,big fan of Hello kitty and even have a whole room in my house full of her:). So these stitch markers mean alot to me.. Thank you knitting buddy.I would post her site on Etsy that she sales her hand dyed yarns,but I need to get her ok first, so look for that in the future.
I'm not quit sure where this blog will take me but I do hope that It will reach far and wide and lighten someones day. Till next time , Smile and make the world a better place..


rebel knits said...

I love it and of course you can link to us. The more publicity the better! You are doing awesome!

Kat said...

Hey girlfriend....this looks really good. I'm glad that you are on days now. Have fun with little one off to grandma's for a vacation both ways. :)

Bev Love said...

You go girl, I love all your goodies. But most definitely your hot red Jordana Satchel.