Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bad Blogger

It has been a while since I posted. Not alot going on just alot of work and coming home to be to tired to knit! I have made no progress on my Hedera sock so there will be no update pictures to show right now.

I see that the world has gone mad over the new Iphone from Apple. I would not mind having one but I will wait for the reviews to come out first. I am a big electronics geek and most of the time have all the new toys, but this one I am pretty sure will have a few problems that I will want to see first hand before spending 600.00 right off the bat. Being a ex Telecommucations speicalist makes me have a little more advantage over the general public on knowing whats up with the new cellphones :). I took a vacation day today so that I could just hangout at home and do some knitting, which I have not got to yet because we did the wal-mart thing, blockbuster and now eating lunch and updating my blog:). I would hope to have alot of my sock completed by this weekend but as soon as I say that it will not happen.

Monday Me and my 8 year old step daughter took a road trip about a hour north of were we live to see my Knitting buddy and her family. We had such a great day I didn't want to come home! She showed me how to die yarn, I looked over all her great stash! I even got to use her spinning wheel, which I really sucked at because I have never done it before. But after using it I am really thinking I need to get one for myself when the time is right. My knitting buddy just got this hugh order for one of our local yarns shops so she will be really busy dying yarn and filling the order for a while. She is really excited that her yarn is flying off the shelfs. She said I could post her blog her in case you are wondering whom I am speaking what her yarn looks like..........

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