Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well it seems I have forgotten how to send a blog post from my blackberry. I send photos to my blog from my BB, but I have not done a post this way in a while, so this is a test and only a test.
Today I found a fab program on my computer thanks to a fellow blogger that I can write my post from instead of having to log into blogger every time.( See previous post). I love finding new ways to blog and I was think since I got my Ipad last week it would be a perfect way to blog. Well, I am old fashioned and like a keyboard to type on while I write. So the ipad is out of the question and in with the blackberry and laptop for all my posts. My electronics seems to over take my life and from day to day I don't know which one to play with first. Don't get me wrong I love all my toys but sometimes its hard to decide which one I need more. My blackberry is a must because it does everything I need it to and its very portable. I also have a new Nook for reading books but with getting the Ipad I have to decide which to use. My Nook is fab for reading all my books and not causing eye strain or headaches because of the E-ink Technology. Then there is my Itouch ... The list goes on and on, lol.. I seems to have more electronics than I really need? Maybe.
How many electronics do you have ??? Do you use them all? Love to hear from my readers so please comment and let me hear about your toys..
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