Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Make Tunisian Crochet Blanket

So before I started knitting 4 years ago I was really into crochet but had this problem of not being able to read those patterns all that well. I went onto a couple craft boards and learned about Tunisian Crochet and all the pretty blankets you could make with it. Needless to say I am a visual learner and there were no videos to show me how to do this stitch. I never did try to make a Tunisian blanket because i just could not understand the instructions , so hence I learned to knit and I have been happy ever since. Today I was on blog and saw she had a video demo of how to do the Tunisian crochet stitch!!! talk about excited, I have all this acrylic yarn in my craft room just waiting to be used up on a blanket for the family room. has a lot of great knitting videos so check it her site for your self. It is always great to find a blog or website that gives useful information we can use in or craft world.

I am still knitting on my Treads gloves and started a Sock for my self out of Happy Feet yarn in fall colors. I will post pictures later today, just don’t have the camera with me right now. I have a blanket i started last year I need to finish but it is so big and heavy that it kills my carpal tunnel in  my hand.. Its a shame really because it is so pretty and is for my best friend from high school that has been threw breast cancer. Its one of those things I really need to get to work on and stop putting it off.  I guess I have been really busy reading a lot these days since getting my Nook. I am reading I Am Ozzy which is about Ozzy Osburns life. Man did he ever just do  some really crazy and stupid stuff with his life, the book has kept me laughing the whole time I have been reading it. He is talented in the fact  that he  brought himself and his friends  out of poverty and made a living doing something they love. I never knew that Ozzy was so poor as a child and that he suffered from dyslexia and ADD. He never finished school because he could not pass his classes . Back in the 60’s they had no clue what dyslexia was , so he dropped out of school and started working in factors doing horrible jobs!!!! The book is very eye opening and insightful . When I finish this book I will start on Heroin Diaries about Nixxi Sixx from Montly Crue. If you wonder why I am reading this books its because I am tired of readying psychology thrillers / murder  , Vampire books or love stories. So a good tell all book makes me happy.

What are you guys reading ? Love to share a good book or great food Recipe.. Let me hear from you guys… Talk to you soon Robin

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