Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Not Happy Right Now

I have been in Training for this At home job since Nov 1st, Today is our official on the phone day and I can't get on. I had all my programs pulled up and went to sign into the phone system they use and nothing! then I started getting all this error messages. I had called my home phone  provider today because yesterday my work IT team said it was nothing on there side but my internet provider. So I called my internet provider and they confirmed that there is a bad lag in my system and they have to come out and look at it. Well, this made me not very happy because I have to work… Then she tells me they can’t come out till next Tuesday!!!!!!! really, I am going to loss my damn job over this crap..I am so frustrated that I can’t see straight. My supervisor is going to call me tonight so I can tell her what it going on. there is nothing I can do about it,but keep trying to log on and see what happens. Even when I do get everything up and running I start freezing up right in the middle of a call or transaction and then have to try and transferee my customer to someone else.I hope tomorrow goes better because I can’t take much more of this. I thought working from home was going to make my life have less stress.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are doing a small dinner with the 3 of us, then I have to try and work at 5pm..

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Missie said...

Working out the house has it's good side and bad. My husband works from home about once a week and the biggest problem he has is the lag in internet service.

Happy Thanksgiving!