Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Windows Live Writer

I’m trying out some new typing fonts because I am really bored with the ones I have been using for the blog. Its seems like when I was blogging with Yahoo 360 they always had great fonts, it’s a shame that is not around anymore. Speaking of blogs, Blogger has really been giving me issues with my site. Everytime I try and change the wallpaper or theme it gives me a error code and I try and download a theme it looks all crazy. I got so feed up that I was going to switch over to Wordpress but after downloading the program it was to much work to do all the crap they wanted to import this blog. I even thought about using Tumbler but they don’t have a import option yet. Its very frustrating really, even trying to post from Window's Liver Writer was not working . I would push the Publish button and it would give me some weird error. There is nothing worse than sitting down and writing all your minds jargon then when you are ready it won’t post. Not sure why all these problems started but it really made me thing maybe I am one of those people that needs 2 blogs, 1 for knitting and the other personal stuff. Well in my case it would be 3 blogs because I already have 2 because of my weight loss blog.. Boy that seems like a lot of work, maybe I better think about this one a little more. Right now I have to work out the issues with this blog because I miss all my personal items on the blog. So hard trying to make it personable when I can’t put all my personal touches on the blog.
On a good note , my internet people came out today and fixed by internet speeds. I was having bad lag and they were able to put some wires in and I am up and running fast as ever now. I have missed 3 days of work because of all this, so tonight it is back at it.. not a good time to be missing work since I just started this job less than a month ago. horrible really.
We have not put up the Christmas tree yet because I want to wait till Dec 1st. The day after Thanksgiving is way to early for me and I just can’t wrap my head around that its even that time of year again. As far as buying presents, that has not happened yet either. I hate the thought of going out into the stores to fight the crowds for a couple things but we will have to do it soon or try and buy online. Buying online this time of year can be kinda scary since you have to wait for it to be mailed , so you never know if it will make it.
Well, I am down with a massive sinus headache today so I will go lay down for a bit before going to work tonight. Hope everyone has a great day Smile

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