Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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I'm sitting with a massage headache and feel like I'm getting sick. Cheyanne came home early yesterday from school feeling very sick and she has been running a fever. We have kept her I. Her room and the Lysol can has been used a lot ! But I think some of the germs have made there way to me and the hubby's. Let's just hope that we can make it threw thanksgiving .

I have been playing around today with my iPad since doing the update yesterday and the only thing I see I don't like is when I went to type this email it would not go in landscape mode! And the screen lock is now to mute the sound!!! Maybe tomorrow when I have more time I can do so e research and see if I can change the landscape mode.

The nook update is fantastic to say the least. The page turn is so fast now, there is no lag or delay. The other improvements of the book shelf is great also. I have not noticed any difference with the web browser but I don't use it that much anyway.

I really did enjoy my day today before feeling like a Mac truck hit me. Hope tomorrow will be a good day and I hope to feel better. Have to grocery shopping for thanksgiving tomorrow and clean the house . Wise me luck

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