Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I always try and keep this blog about positive things in my life like my knitting, blackberry world or random things in life, but I really need to air some things, and I think this is a perfect spot since it is my blog and I have complete control of it.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been in a relationship with Don since 2003. We got engaged 2 years ago and I really have not thought about getting married yet just because I don't feel the need. Of coarse there is my family that thinks I should stop playing house and get married,but I just don't see the point. Its not going to change anything in our relationship except my last name. Pointless really.

My relationship has always been my number 1 priority because it's that important to me. Don really has made me a better person by love and support that he gives me unconditionally without fail. I really have changed for the better but it seems there are those that think I should still be a party hardy girl and go out to clubs, drink and be their partner in crime for a good time. Now that I don't do that anymore I have to say I have no friends in my life, not even 1.. It's really sad that I was no more than a fun friend and now that I have a nice life that does not involve drinking, night clubs and running all over town < I have been left in the dust.

Having a family means you spend all your time with them and doing for them because you love them. and it means you give 110% to that person. I don't see why you have to go shopping, eat lunch and do all this crazy stuff to be friends with someone. You can't just talk on the phone, email or drop a text and say hi to be friends???????? I  guess I will never have friends again because I chose to be with Don all the time when we are not working. people in this world want to know why they get divorced or don't have good relationships? Think about it. 100 years ago a man and woman had each-other, and then  their kids. That was it! they worked,played and spent all there time together. The wife just didn't run off all day to hang out with her girlfriends while the hubby sat home tending the farm! She didn't tell him she couldn't make dinner because she had to go to meet the girls at the club for a drink. I truly believe Don and I have a strong relationship because we spend all our time invested with each other.
So I will say it , right here. I don't care if you think I'm stupid for never leaving his side, I don't care that you think i'm crazy for never talking or seeing so called friends! friendship is not a one way street and I'm tired of doing all the walking. friendship should be meeting in the middle.. thats what friends do , it's about both people. And if you really cared about me you would understand that my family is the world to me , and you would be supportive of me for trying to be the best person I can be...... (Off soap box)

Not everyone can have the relationship we have, and I thank god every day for giving me Don. I love him and Cheyanne with everything I have and will never make the mistake of letting others try and control our lifes. We make our lifes what we really want, and I want Don for my life mate and that's it.  I can't change the way people think or what they do, all I can do is make my life what it needs to be. So, so  long to friendship of the past and your restrictions and rules! I don't play games and I don't follow anyone.. This is my life and my rules, and the rules say I will be happy  for ever :)

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WickedStitch said...

I am with ya! I too have lost all so called real life "friends". Our family situation is different being military etc. However, when we are not in the middle of deployment or working out of state, we take great pride in sticking together like glue. Our familiy is what is the most important to us. Even our teen age kids spend their time with us. My kids and husband are everything to me. They are what makes my life worth living. I have no time for real life friends. I do just fine with my friends that live in my computer and my BlackBerry. :)