Friday, July 9, 2010

Ereaders Going On My Kmas List

So I have been doing research for a couple weeks now on all the Ereaders out because this is all I hear people talk about when they say they are reading a book. I guess I have always been kinda old fashioned when it comes to books. I love getting in my car and driving to the book store, browsing for hours, drinking my coffee and finally making my purchase. Then there is the physical aspect of having the book it's self which I find warming. I generally leave the book i am reading on the coffee table, the table next to my chair or next to my bedside stand in my room. When I leave a book in the living room it always comes to pass that when one of my friends come over they always pick the book up to see what I am reading. Granted most of my friends don't have the attention span to read, but that's another story,lol.
With all the talk on Twitter and other blogs I read about Ereaders I wanted to check out what all the hype is about really. So here is what I found on a blog I was reading this morning about the top 3 Ereaders.
I thought this was a great  blog post of the 3 devices and what they have to offer. I do know that the Nook has come down in price. The Wi-Fi version only for 149.00 and the 3G and Wi-Fi for 199.00   I did look at alot of Youtube Videos of the devices and alot of people really like the Kindle2 , which is the newest Kindle. Now it does have the voice reader, which is when you want any book read out load to you that is a option which is great,but i find I don't really like audio books so this is not a big deal for me. Also some like the fact that your buying books threw your Amazon account with the Kindle. I don't have a Amazon account so again, this is not a big deal for me.
 I really feel that the Nook is the way to go for me. I am always going to Barnes & Noble for my books because there is Starbucks Coffee and I love the surroundings of the store. The Nook also has a SD slot for more memory, and  when you are  in B&N store you can read any book for free on your Nook! And all the books you buy are from B&N which means there are so many books to choose from it will make your head spin. Last but not least the price point. It is now is the most affordable of the 3 devices.There is also the fact that you can share books with friends or family that have a Nook. When you share a book from your Nook Library its for 2 weeks and during that time you would be unable to read the book. Just like loaning out a paper back book in the old days :) 

So when I started looking at Ereaders I realized the one thing that most people knew that I didn't. Ebooks are cheaper than buying a paper back or hard back book! Wow I was amazed at the money you can save this way, so with this I am putting the Nook on my Christmas list for my man , along with the Ipod Itouch ;) He will have to start saving some pennies for all my toys , lol..
Do any of my readers own a Ereader? If you do will you please leave me a comment of which Ereader you have any why you love it  please. I love hearing from you guys and I love knowing that someone out there is reading my blog.

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